The Easy TikTok Hack That Will Change The Game For Your Too-Big Jeans

Baggy jeans are a style choice we love. Mom, dad, boyfriend, and girlfriend jeans are all spacious denim looks that have made skinny jeggings a thing of the past. Fashion editor Alexandra Stedman says, "[T]he denim styles at the moment are moving away from slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous" (via Elle). You cannot deny that baggy jeans are more comfortable too. You can bend and sit down without ripping any stitches or losing blood circulation.

Although wide legs are the name of the game, a gap in your jeans' waist can ruin an outfit. No one wants to get pantsed from simply walking down the street. Yet, you might have wide-waist jeans lying around. Whether you've shed a few inches and want to preserve your favorite pair or don't feel like returning those you bought one size up — there's an easy TikTok hack to cinch your jeans and it'll change the game. 

Fix the gap in your jeans with this belt hoop trick

A fashion hack that requires no extra materials is always welcomed — and this easy jeans trick is a lifesaver. The first step is putting on your jeans. Next, you'll want to loop the nearest belt hoop around the fly's button. Lastly, zip and fasten. Influencer @.taymartin tries the hack on a pair of shorts, and they become good as new. However, this hack works best with smaller gaps. With a really wide waist, the extra denim cinched near the zipper can look bulky.

If there is too much extra denim to secure at the front, hiding it in the back might fare better. Fashionista @fabianacristinx uses a trick to tighten jeans that are up to two sizes too big. You'll need a shoelace or a ribbon to replicate this jean hack. With your preferred string, snake it through the three back-facing belt loops and secure it with a bow. Not only does it act as a DIY stylish belt but a cute accessory you can match to any outfit.