The Best Way To Mend A Broken Heart, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac can offer guidance throughout many areas of your life, including determining the best and worst traits of your zodiac sign. It can also offer zodiac sign-based strategies for going about friendships and dating. For instance, if you're an Aries, you may want to marry someone who brings out your best qualities — like your dynamic personality and enthusiasm — while avoiding people who bring out their most headstrong, jealous tendencies (i.e., Leos are great matches for an Aries but Tauruses typically are not). 

However, these strategies don't only come into play when figuring out who you want to be with. The end of a relationship — whether on good terms or not — is inevitable in lots of cases, and sometimes, heartbreak weighs heavy following that loss. Fixing a broken heart is never easy, but some strategies for different zodiac signs may work better than others. If you are looking for a zodiac sign-based way to protect your heart and heal it after the end of a relationship, you're in luck with advice from astrologer Rachel Clare from Mysticsense, who spoke exclusively with The List.

How fire signs can heal heartbreaks

Fire signs may look emotionally tough, but their impulsivity and independence doesn't negate their strong feelings. Negative emotions have a tendency to keep us dwelling on what could have been. As a fire sign, you may be pulled to shroud your feelings, said astrologer Rachel Clare from Mysticsense in an exclusive interview with The List. Leos have egos that outweigh the need to share their emotions, Clare said. Leos "are prone to putting on a brave face and pretending that everything is okay after a nasty break up," she said. The best way for a Leo to get over a broken heart is to stop hiding behind that mask and explore their emotions with a loved one. "Alongside this, Leos [...] may find that turning to creative outlets like writing, music, or theater helps them process their emotions a little better," Clare said.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another fire sign — Aries — may find that focusing on themselves will be the best way to mend their heart. "Ruled by passionate Mars, Aries have a tendency to be impulsive and act on their emotions," Clare said. With that in mind, Aries could benefit from diving into projects to "keep their mind occupied." Additionally, they could find cultivating their independence through reading self-help books and self-improvement podcasts could be useful. The same can be said for the extroverted and attention-grabbing Sagittarius: Take time to focus on yourself instead of seeking validation from others.

What earth signs can do to heal their hearts after a breakup

For earth signs, their grounded natures can make a heartbreak a time for growth. Tauruses are stereotyped to be the most materialistic of the zodiac signs. "[A Taurus] is known to surround themselves with the best food and wine, or even spend hours online shopping to numb the pain," Rachel Clare exclusively told The List. With that in mind, Clare suggests doing the opposite will be the most effective way for a broken-hearted Taurus to heal. "Joining a gym, eating clean and getting into a solid routine is actually probably the best way for this sign to get out of a rut — whether they like it or not," said Clare.

As for Virgos, this analytically-minded sign "may try to logically understand what went wrong in a failed relationship and seek ways to prevent it from happening again in the future," Clare said. Considering their strong senses of duty and self-improvement, volunteering and self-reflections are the best options for Virgos "to distract" themselves and get over a bad breakup.

Earth signs also tend to be the most drawn to committed relationships, according to Women's Health, which would make the end of one a heart-reeling time. As for Capricorns, that commitment can lead to heightened emotional sensitivity. Indulging in those emotions through journaling or expressing them through art could be an effective strategy.

Water signs will benefit from these strategies for mending a broken heart

Sensitive, compassionate, and loyal, water signs are not afraid to feel the full extent of their emotions, according to Allure. Scorpios tend to be one of the most intense signs, per Cosmopolitan. That makes casual relationships rare since they opt to prefer committed and defined relationships. When one ends, a Scorpio would probably benefit from a night out with the girls, embracing their natural charisma and not rushing into another long-term romantic endeavor.

Cancers have intense emotions, too, according to Rachel Clare. Yet they may not want to share those feelings with others, they would benefit from reaching out to "close friends and family for support and comfort." Nostalgia might be a bittersweet comfort too, said Clare to The List. "[L]ooking through photo albums or cooking home-cooked meals to help them remember happier times" will help and get the overwhelming or negative emotions away.

Pisces are often noted as the most spiritual of the signs, per InStyle. You may find that leaning into that spirituality after a break-up if you're a Pisces will make you feel more aligned with yourself. You don't have to be religious or head to church after getting your heartbroken. Walking in nature, meditating, and connecting with your body with a hot bath would be great options.

How air signs should recover after an ended relationship

Air signs value communication, according to The Cut. Geminis "are ruled by communicative Mercury," Rachel Clare said to The List, leading them to "have a tendency to distract themselves from heart break by staying busy and socializing." Meeting new people could be the best way for a Gemini to heal a broken heart. Geminis may get over that ended relationship more quickly than other signs because of their adaptive nature too, Clare said. A Gemini should "choose to embrace change and explore new experiences to help them heal."

Libras prefer balance, per Vice, making the unstable time after a breakup even more vulnerable. To find their footing following the end of a romantic relationship, Libras should look to the people in their lives who keep them steady. Additionally, Libras in time of uncertainty will benefit from a routine. Follow your normal schedule, and soon enough, life will get back to its everyday ways.

For Aquariuses, a breakup can be an opportunity for individualistic pursuits. Independent, an Aquarius may feel that they don't need much time to get over their breakup. That doesn't mean that being mindful and gathering insights from within yourself isn't necessary at all, though. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, making self-reflection especially effective for this sign, according to MindBodyGreen. Take time to look inward before putting yourself out there again.