Another Member Of The Royal Family Could Be Planning To Move Near Harry And Meghan

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced, back in January 2020, that they were leaving the royal family, there were many, many questions about what would come next — including where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might live. Like so many before them, the couple decided to go west, specifically to Montecito, California, a luxe neighborhood near Santa Barbara, with famous residents including Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Gwyneth Paltrow, per Architectural Digest

Later that same year, the pair purchased a $14.65 million home, boasting a tennis court, a pool house, and lush cypress and olive trees (via Vogue). Montecito is a little more tucked away than California's major cities, and that's exactly why it appealed to the royal defectors. "Harry loves California, but they were both drawn to the smaller town of Santa Barbara, where they can integrate into the community while having some distance and privacy that is hard to come by in the Los Angeles area. For that reason, they had never intended to stay in Los Angeles," a source revealed. 

"We did everything we could to get this house," Meghan subsequently gushed to The Cut, in August 2022. Likewise, she said "It's healing. You feel free" in reference to the fresh Montecito air. And now, it seems as though the Sussexes may soon be getting some royal company on the west coast.

Princess Eugenie might be making her own exit

It seems that now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have left the royal family, Princess Eugenie may be following in their footsteps. According to The Mirror, there are rumblings that Prince Harry's cousin and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, might be headed for West Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California. The couple has a second child on the way and they are potentially planning to make the move sometime after the baby is born.

"With a growing family, it all feels like it is about new starts. This isn't just a pipe dream," a source clarified. Should Eugenie and Jack make the move, they'll likely be welcomed by Meghan and Harry with open arms. Hello! magazine confirms that Meghan and Eugenie were fast friends from the moment they met. Harry detailed their first meeting in his new bombshell memoir, "Spare," writing that the pair embraced like long-lost sisters. 

"If meeting the rest of my family goes like this, we're home free," he recalled thinking. Given Meghan's reputation as a chef (via Town & Country), the roasted salmon recipe she'd chosen to prepare for Eugenie and Jack probably helped, too. And should both couples wind up on the west coast after giving up their royal ties, there will likely be many more double dates in the future.

This wouldn't be Princess Eugenie's first time living in America

As noted by the Daily Mail, a move to California would mark Princess Eugenie's second time living in the States. However, it will mark her first time settling down on the west coast. The fan-favorite royal previously lived in New York City from 2013 to 2015 while employed by Paddle8, an online auction house. "She is determined to be a working woman with a full-time job," a source told the Daily Mail at the time.

As reported by The Mirror, Eugenie lived in Manhattan's historic Meatpacking District, enjoying an apartment with a concierge and a home gym, according to Hello! magazine. The famous neighborhood boasts tons of trendy boutiques, alongside the famous Chelsea Market, and is also home to Bagatelle, a restaurant visited by the likes of Serena Williams, Helen Mirren, and Beyoncé, per The Travel

As Us Weekly confirmed back in 2013, Eugenie really valued her time in The Big Apple. "She enjoys walking to work every day," a source shared. A decade later, Eugenie and her now husband will reportedly look at renting a property before committing to buying. The number of royals putting down roots across the pond is steadily growing but only time will tell if Eugenie decides to join their ranks.