Samantha Markle Calls For Prince Harry's Testimony In Fiery Lawsuit Against Meghan

It's safe to say that neither Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, nor Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are on good terms with their families at the moment. But while the palace has yet to issue any formal statements regarding the prince's memoir or actions, the same can't be said for the duchess's family. Samantha Markle totally unleashed on Meghan and Harry over "Spare," saying in an interview on GB News that the two were attention-seeking narcissists in desperate need of counseling. She also called her half-sister "disconnect[ed] from reality" and accused Harry of being immature and unable to let go of past hurts.

The same might be said of Samantha herself, as she moves forward with her defamation lawsuit against the Sussexes for statements they made during their interview with Oprah in March 2021. The $75,000 suit also alleges that Meghan "maliciously" lied about her childhood when interviewed for the book "Finding Freedom." Whereas Meghan called herself essentially "an only child," Samantha says she was very much a part of her half-sister's life.

In the latest chapter of the sisterly duel, Samantha filed a deposition on February 3, calling for both Meghan and Harry to testify under oath regarding the statements in question. According to the New York Post, the deposition demands that the Sussexes testify separately and on camera. Samantha and Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, is also expected to testify. But the deposition goes even further: Samantha wants Meghan to retract more than two dozen statements she has made.

Samantha Markle wants Meghan to come clean about their relationship

Samantha Markle claims she was made the target of "humiliation and hatred" as the result of the way she was presented both in the Oprah interview and the biography "Finding Freedom," per The Independent. To restore her reputation, the older Markle sister wants more than just money. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will be asked to make 38 specific statements in her on-camera deposition about both her relationship with Samantha and about the royal family. In other words, Samantha wants Meghan to admit publicly to lying or exaggerating for the sake of creating an appealing "rags-to-royalty" narrative.

Among other things, Samantha wants Meghan to declare that the two were actually close growing up and that Samantha used to drive her to school and take her shopping. She also wants Meghan to testify that neither King Charles nor the late Queen Elizabeth are or were racist — a reference to the portion of the Oprah interview in which Meghan and Prince Harry accused a member of the royal family of making a racially-tinged comment about their future children. 

If Prince Harry's chances of reconciliation with his family are slim, Meghan's chances of making peace with her half-sister seem even more unlikely. Per the New York Post, the duchess is trying to get the entire lawsuit dismissed. Her legal team argues it's unrealistic to expect a jury to determine something as subjective as feeling a bond with a half-sister.