How Much Facial Cleanser Do You Really Need?

From the benefits of double cleansing to finding the best cleanser for your skin type, there's a lot of information out there regarding cleansers and their purposes. Cleansing is vital for getting rid of tiny dirt particles, makeup, and any other impurities that may have settled on your skin. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or mature skin, cleansing will help keep your face in tip-top condition. 

However, have you ever wondered if you're using too much or too little cleanser? You may even have been washing your face wrong your whole life, resulting in wasting product — an outcome no one wants, particularly if your cleanser is on the pricier side. It can be tricky to know what is a good amount of cleanser to use each time, as it needs to cover your face, neck, and upper chest area. 

Luckily, we've got all the must-know info on how much cleanser you should really be using, as well as how to wash your skin properly so it's left looking and feeling soft, supple, and smooth every time. 

Save yourself some money by only using the amount of cleanser you really need

According to board-certified dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD, you actually don't need to use that much cleanser for it to be effective. Per Byrdie, Hartman recommends using just a single pump of foaming cleansers or a dime-sized amount for cream and non-pump products. This is because most cleansers will lather up when mixed with water, which will then give you more than enough product to cover your whole face and neck area.

Clinical esthetician Pamela Marshall agrees that you only need a small amount. She told Glamour: "I generally recommend a 20p-sized blob (similar to a dime) for cleansing. It's enough to massage around the face and easy to remove with a warm flannel." Marshall also reiterated the importance of double cleansing, noting she always washes twice in the evenings, as "one cleanse rarely removes makeup, pollution, sweat, and oils." 

The main point to remember is that it's how you use your cleanser that matters, not necessarily how much of it you use. 

Cleansing your face in this way could change your skincare routine for the better

Speaking of the right way to use a cleanser, what's the proper way to wash your face? Board-certified dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD, recommends applying your cleanser to damp skin or creating a lather with clean, wet hands before you start to apply it. Next, "Rub in upward motions on the face, carefully avoiding the eye area," (via Byrdie).

Moreover, esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith advised Cosmopolitan that you should wash your face for 60 seconds, as this will allow your cleanser time to properly work and let you reach all areas of your face and neck. Once you have finished cleansing, Hartman warns against rubbing. Instead, gently pat your face dry. Rubbing is too harsh, especially if you have sensitive skin, and can even cause premature wrinkles. 

If you use a towel instead of letting your face air dry, always use a clean one, as otherwise, you'll be transferring bacteria to your newly-clean face, per Allure. And voilà! Your face is now ready for the next step in your skincare routine. So, next time you're tempted to squeeze out a large dollop of your cleanser, think of the benefits you'll gain by only using the amount you actually need.