The Glass French Manicure Remixes A Classic And Ups The Drama

As fashion, hair, and makeup trends evolve, there is one category of beauty that remains ahead of the rest — nails. Our nails are a blank canvas on which to let our inner-most creative expression shine, and as such, new nail trends pop up what feels like almost every day. But perhaps you're looking for a trend that you can commit to on a longer-term basis, without sacrificing the cool factor of a new style. We've found a remix of a classic that checks both of those boxes. 


Enter the glass French manicure. Adding to the arsenal of modern French manicures, where the classic features opaque pink and white shades to complete the look, the glass French manicure features a clear tip to the nail, as though it appears by magic. This look adds subtle length, and matches with anything, just like the traditional version, and also shares some features with the invisible French manicure look.

But if the completely clear look is not for you, you can also add a coat of translucent color for a gorgeous "stained glass" look, add gems, or embed nail-sized flowers or cut-outs within the nail. Here are a few examples we loved. 

The glass French manicure

Glass French nails are made by using clear, acrylic nails or gel tips. After gluing the acrylic nail to your natural nails, paint just over where your natural nail would be (or under the acrylic nail, depending on the look you want) with a subtle pink shade, leaving the ends exposed. Then, add a clear coat to lock the paint in place and soften the edges of the nail, and the look is complete.


For the tried and true glass nail trend, we love how Instagram user @astrid.nailmaster achieved the look. The subtle length, combined with the subtle, skin-matching color, creates a look that appears effortless, modern, and pleasing to look at for the next several weeks!

Adding a dash of sparkle never hurts, either. We love how @nails_elisa6 on Instagram completed her French glass manicure with a coat of glitter. You can also add embellishments to the nail for extra appeal, for example, @magdagreavu on Instagram adds little silver beads and faux pearls to her glass nail look. And these "Beauty and the Beast" inspired glass French nails by @esme25sz on TikTok have all of the charm of the timeless look, with an updated feel. 


There are so many ways to try this stunning trend, and they're all just as dramatic as they are stunning.