Days Of Our Lives' Deidre Hall Weighs In On Marlena's Heavenly Afterlife Experience

"Days of Our Lives" has given fans some out-of-this-world storylines in the past. Viewers have witnessed a meteor shower bring two alien-like beings to Salem, dubbed the "Gemini Twins." They've also seen Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) be possessed by the devil on more than one occasion. In addition, many Salemites have been buried alive, including Carly Manning (via body+soul). Over the decades, there have been mistaken identities, people returning from the dead, and so much more. It's nearly impossible to keep up with all of the drama.

However, three of Salem's fan-favorite characters, including Marlena, Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), are dealing with something new and exciting for the soap. The three women recently died and were sent to heaven — at least, that's what they believed. In reality, they were tricked into selling their souls to the devil, per Celebrating The Soaps. Now, Marlena, Kayla, and Kate are looking for a way to keep their souls out of the devil's clutches and possibly get something in return.

Recently, Hall spoke out about all the fun she had filming the heavenly scenes with her co-stars.

Deidre Hall opens up about her heavenly scenes

"Days of Our Lives" fans were likely emotional while watching Marlena and her longtime love, John Black (Drake Hogestyn), say their final goodbyes to each other just before the character's death. The two reminisced about their life together and their iconic love story, per Daytime Confidential. However, Marlena slipped away and found herself in what she believed to be Heaven. Of course, she was thrilled when she found out that Kayla and Kate were also there.

During an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Deidre Hall revealed that she loved filming the heavenly scenes because it was something she'd never done on the soap opera before. As an added bonus, she got to work with two of her close friends in the process. "The fun part is, because of Covid, we can't play. We can't meet. We can't be in each other's rooms. But the three of us got to be onstage forever together, and it was the most fun," Hall admitted.

The actress added that she loved the set with all of the bright lights, white curtains, and flowing air around them. She and her co-stars wore stunning white outfits as well. However, she did confess that walking around in heels on the concrete floor wasn't exactly pleasant for her. However, the actress did tease the dramatic scenes, saying, "Just the investment bespeaks an important storyline."