Yes, You Can Pull Off The Glitter Brow Trend. Here's How

It's been way too long since the world had a good brow trend that's gained any traction. Honestly, it seems like most influencers have been showing off their love for upcoming hair trends, like dreamy Gemini hair. And, of course, cute and creative nails are constantly blowing up across social media — we see you, matte nails.

You know we'd never turn our backs on trending hairstyles and borderline magical nails, but let's not forget that our eyebrows define who we are. As face reading expert Priya Sher put it, eyebrows are a window into our hearts and thus tell our life story to onlookers (via Marie Claire). Brows describe our work style, our careers, and even how we treat others in a relationship.

So, what would the latest brow trend #glitterbrows say about us? For one, we'd say whoever's bold enough to rock them is a master at enjoying life. Oh, and they're most likely a fan of Y2K. Glitter brows, AKA disco brows, are an eccentric brow design that has exploded in popularity, thanks in part to shows like HBO's "Euphoria." To be clear, when we say glitter brows, we're not talking about Doja Cat's diamond-encrusted makeover from Paris Fashion Week, although that was a look all its own. Glitter brows can easily be pulled off by anyone, and we'll show you exactly how to get them.

Use this brow gel to get the look fast

If you're a little iffy about trying this look out, we feel you. After all, mishandled brows can completely tear down your outfit, as anyone who's ever had an unfortunate brow experience can testify. Even though DIY glitter brows look like they'd be tricky to pull off, don't worry. You can get quick glitter brows with ease by using a brow gel that does it all in one fell swoop.

In this TikTok tutorial, @laucapon uses the Limited Edition Fractal Glitter from About Face to perfectly coat her brows. About Face's pigmented brow gel comes with everything you need to achieve shimmering brows with absolutely zero fuss. The soft wand smooths and holds hair firmly in place, so you can make it through the day without worrying that your brow hairs have gone wonky. Plus, their Fractal Glitter comes in four different colors so you can choose whichever one fits your style, be it bold or subtle.

Tie them in with the rest of your makeup

Our favorite way of tying glitter brows into the rest of your makeup is by adding a little extra glitter. That's right, more glitter on your face. But hold off on adding more to your brows; this glitter should be added to the rest of your face. This way, you'll have an overall unified look.

There are two facial areas we recommend putting glitter on if you're doing glitter brows: your lips and your eyes. Smearing some extra sparkle on your lips — like this TikTok video shows — gives your makeup even more oomph. Use the same color as the glitter on your brows, and you've got the perfect girls' night out look. If you want to go even bolder, try lining your eyes with glitter shadow and patting just a dab on the inside corners of your eyes. Added bonus: highlighting the inner corners of your eyes helps you look more alert and lively (via Allure).