Gemini Hair Is The Dreamiest Trend To Look Out For In 2023

Hair trends have been relatively mild lately, from the subtle warm cinnamon brown hair Natalia Byrant was spotted rocking to the mahogany blonde and cashmere blonde shades that are perfect for warming things up during colder months. However, this hair trend that will be everywhere in 2023 takes changing up your hair to a whole new level.

Known as Gemini hair, this style isn't for those afraid of change. As you might have guessed, the trend takes inspiration from its namesake zodiac sign. The name "Gemini hair" is a catch-all term for what is essentially two-tone hair, split down the middle for a cool effect. As Geminis are known for being unafraid to try new things, it makes sense that the hair trend named after them is just as bold and playful as the zodiac themselves. If you fancy switching up your hair and aren't afraid of change, Gemini hair could be the trend for you. We've collected a bunch of inspiration and all the other necessary info you need to know to pull off the style. 

You can go as bold or subtle as you like with colors

Gemini zodiacs are characterized as being the life of the party, pioneers in several walks of life, and full of duality. In fact, the symbol for the air sign is a pair of twins, representing the need for Gemini zodiacs to split themselves in half in order to try everything. Though the Gemini hair look is undeniably bold, you don't have to go all-out with bright colors in order to be on-trend (unless that's your thing).

It's also important to choose the right hair color for your skin tone. For example, if you have warm undertones, colors like orange and yellow will look stunning and illuminate the warmth in your complexion (via InStyle). If you have cool undertones, cool blue and violet are colors that won't make you look washed out and will instead complement naturally pinkish undertones, as will pastel shades like soft pink. If you have neutral undertones, peach, rose, and striking jade green are good picks.

Gemini hair is a high-maintenance style

Whilst you can achieve Gemini hair by yourself, it's best to go to the hairdresser if you're not 100% confident in your skills. Hair colorist Jessica Scott Santo recommends to Glamour that you bring a photo of colors you definitely do not want. Whilst this may seem counterintuitive, it will help your hairdresser to know the exact vibe you're going for, and whether you're prepared to give any leeway in terms of the colors you want and don't want.

Brighter colors will require more maintenance, so be prepared for either frequent top-ups at home or more trips to the salon. Speaking to Well + Good, hairstylist Quia Querisma shared that you should use "high-quality shampoo and conditioner," as good haircare will help to maintain the brightness and condition of your hair in-between trips. She recommended the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Duo, as well as the Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Treatment. The former will help with retaining moisture, wheres the latter will protect your hair and keep the color looking fresher for longer.

Individuality is a vital aspect of the Gemini hair trend

The Gemini hair trend is also known as "skunk hair" due to the split color design (via Glamour). Though skunk style usually refers to black and white split dye, as that's the look most similar to an actual skunk, it can also be used for other colors. As celebrity color expert Jason Hogan puts it, "This trend represents a break from the norm, which at the moment is very naturalised, pretty polished hair, and should be enjoyed with abandonment." 

Gemini hair is all about individuality and expressing who you are, whether that's with pretty pastels or hard-to-miss fire engine red. If you are a fan of opposites, black and white hair additionally ties in with the gothic trend, including the goth nail trend that will be huge in 2023. However, don't let the term "skunk" hair limit you — think about the versatility of Gemini zodiacs instead. If you have always fancied hot pink roots and bleach blonde ends, now is the time to take the plunge.

The Gemini hair look should represent different sides of you

The main thing to remember about Gemini hair is that it represents the twins of the Gemini zodiac, i.e. the two different sides of you. The trend may look intriguing, but take the time to figure out the following before you rush in: your favorite colors, how these colors will look on you, and the level of maintenance certain colors will require. 

Moreover, there's no point spending hundreds of dollars on achieving stunning Gemini hair only for it to fade in a week, so it's probably best to skip this trend if you don't live within a decent distance of a salon or have much hair coloring experience yourself. Plus, as mentioned earlier, heavily colored hair requires a lot more care and attention than natural hair, so be sure to ask your hairdresser which products are best for maintaining your Gemini hair makeover.

Whether you opt for dreamy peach mixed with ocean blue or sunshine yellow with soft apricot, the Gemini hair trend offers a rainbow of opportunities when it comes to switching things up in 2023.

The trend is predicted to only grow in popularity during the upcoming months

Gemini hair isn't just for a few cool girls on your Insta feed, either. Pinterest predicts that the trend will reach many corners in 2023, even including the style in their top search roundups. Interestingly, some colors appear to be more popular than others. Searches on Pinterest for "pink and lavender hair" rose a staggering 345% in the past year, whereas searches for "blue and black braids" weren't far behind, with a 215% increase. 

If super vibrant colors aren't your thing, Pinterest also shared that the terms "brown to pink balayage" and "lavender and bold hair" increased by 280% and 150%, respectively. Pinterest is where many of us go to find hair, style, and nail inspiration, but keep in mind that some of the hair images you see on there may have been filtered for a brighter look. To avoid a hair disaster, ask your hairdresser if the look in the photo is actually achievable before you go down the heavy bleaching route many bold colors require.