The Hidden Dangers Of Sleeping With Earrings

Many people are familiar with the internal battle that occurs when you return home after a long night and realize you can't crawl into bed immediately. While you could forgo your twelve-step skincare routine, nightly jade rolling for lymphatic drainage, and red light therapy session, is that really what your future self would want?

It's widely agreed upon now that sleeping with makeup on is a bad habit, even if a late night filled with fun is what often leads to this guilty pleasure. However, not every aspect of your nightly routine gets this much attention. Another habit that you may have adopted over time is sleeping with jewelry on. However, not all jewelry is the same. Many people keep small rings or dainty necklaces on at all times but sleeping with earrings on may be causing more problems than anyone ever thought. According to Self, there are many factors to consider, including the quality of the jewelry, the metals it contains, your skin's sensitivity, and the risks of damage.

While it can be easy to toss your health and wellness habits to the side when the night is late and you feel exhausted, the risks of sleeping with earrings really do require more awareness.

What are the risks?

Sleeping with your earrings in poses some obvious risks to the jewelry itself. While keeping your earrings close to you might seem like a safer idea than possibly losing them if you take them out, the constant snagging on pillows or hair is a major reason for prong breakage or missing gemstones. Dr. Peredo, a professor of dermatology, also told Self that cleaning your earrings often is imperative since the accumulation of bacteria could lead to skin irritation or infection. The truth is, if you're sleeping and showering in your earrings, it's unlikely they're being cleaned enough.

Healthline also discusses possible side effects, and you may be experiencing some of these without knowing the cause. Since almost a third of the earring-wearing population is sensitive to nickel, a regular ingredient in cheaper jewelry, longer wear times could increase the chances of skin irritation like eczema. The longer your ears are pierced, the more stretched the skin becomes over time. This can be due to wearing heavy jewelry but it can also be caused by sleeping in it. While tossing and turning at night, earrings can pull on your piercing, leading to stretched skin or even torn earlobes.

Another common cause of headaches in the morning, which you may have overlooked, is sleeping with earrings. If you are waking up with your head in pain, especially if you are a side sleeper, the earring studs pushing against your head throughout the night could be the cause.

Change is hard

There are always exceptions to the rule and new piercings fall into this category because the holes need to heal. With new piercings, the jewelry stays in all night, and you shouldn't change your earrings out too soon. However, this can lead to a bad habit over time.

If you are someone who recognizes the risks of sleeping with earrings but also knows that you avoid change like the plague, there are some ways to cope. Of course, choosing nickel-free earrings with flat studs and implementing a disciplined cleaning schedule can help mitigate potential problems. However, retail therapy may also be your best bet when it comes to breaking this habit. A common reason why people may sleep or shower with earrings in is that they wear the same pair each day and don't yet have a jewelry rotation. Therefore, adding some new quality pieces to your collection can be all the motivation you need to start taking your earrings off at night.

Dermatologists told Well+Good that cleaning your earrings and piercings should be happening at least once a week because the area around the ears is simply a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, investing in a few quality earrings that you want to keep nice could be all the motivation you need to start changing up your routine. Plus, having bare ears in the morning is such a great reminder to accessorize with your new golden hoops.