Fun Ideas For Spicing Up Date Night, Based On Your Partner's Sign

Whether you've been in a relationship for a few months or for several years now, date nights can often get a bit monotonous. When you want to keep the romance alive with your partner, staying in and ordering takeout or even dinner and a movie aren't always going to cut it. After all, variety is the spice of life — and relationships. Psychologists agree spontaneity keeps a relationship alive; going out of your way to shake up the routine parts of your relationship keeps the romance alive, preventing you and your partner from falling into a rut.

Rather than allowing date nights to become tedious events that feel like ticking off a box, embrace spontaneity and surprise your partner with something you wouldn't commonly do. If creativity doesn't come easy to you and you'd rather surprise your partner with a date night instead of pointedly asking them what they want to do, there's no need to feel completely clueless.

Your partner's birth chart placements, particularly their sun and Venus signs, may indicate what may excite them. We spoke to astrologer Rachel Clare from Mysticsense to figure out some fun ways to make date night spicier.

Gemini and Sagittarius want you to stimulate their mind

For the wordsmith and the philosopher of the zodiac, Clare believes that playing question-and-answer games will open up their mind and potentially lead to saucy conversation. "With Mercury's influence contributing to Gemini's sharp wit and love of good conversation, and Jupiter's influence contributing to Sagittarius' love of philosophical discussions and new ideas," she explains, "both Gemini and Sagittarius value intellectual stimulation."

She suggests We're Not Really Strangers, a card game that allows partners to deepen their bond. Even if you're in a long-term relationship or sticky situationship, the game's three-tier system of thought-provoking questions will allow you to see a new side of your partner. Both Gemini and Sagittarius' Venuses are marked by a feeling of restlessness, given to them by their mutable nature. While Gemini Venus has ever-changing tastes and desires, Sagittarius Venus loves to be adventurous with their partner and expects the same in return. Geminis love variety and Sagittarius loves adventure

If you feel the night taking a spicier turn, pull out the Reflex Sex: Conversation Cards. With interesting and wide-ranging questions about sex, this card game will satiate both signs' desire for variety and understanding.

Have a relaxing and luxurious night with Taurus and Cancer

As one of the Venusian signs of the zodiac, Taureans value comfort, luxury, and romance. From relaxing in a bubble bath to eating the finest foods, they can make everything a sensual experience. While their value of pleasure is a reason behind this, it's also thanks to Venus. The planet rules the arts, meaning the Earth sign has a knack for creativity. Venus rules artistic ability.

Treat them to a paint n' sip night or take them to a pottery class and have a steamy moment à la Ghost. With some wine flowing and a great playlist, let your Taurus fully indulge in all the pleasures they were meant to have. Its sextile sister Cancer also loves comfort. Cancer and Taurus have a harmonious relationship and share traits, such as loving pleasure and comfort. While the sign has a reputation for being emotional, its symbol — a crab — represents a hard exterior that's difficult to penetrate.

To get them to open up, let them express themselves in a different way. As a water sign, their element is one of creativity and inventiveness. If they have a hard time talking about their feelings, a work of art will certainly attest to their love for you.

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra want to test your intellectual capabilities

Co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of time and wisdom, both Aquarius and Capricorn are looking to see if you can match their intelligence and understanding of the world. According to Good Golly Astrology, traditional astrologer Robert Hand states that both Aquarius and Capricorn care about structure and order. While Capricorn represents a more traditional side of Saturn, Aquarius concerns itself with reworking the past to create something better.

In order to please both their desire for structure and time, take your Aquarius or Capricorn partner on a romantic date to a museum. Capricorns will appreciate the tradition frozen in time that a history museum offers. Meanwhile, an Aquarian will reveal their nerdy side at a science museum that explores innovation. To really impress them, study the exhibits beforehand and show up ready to learn. After all, Saturn rewards those who are disciplined and open to lessons.

Although Libra is ruled by Venus, the air sign is exalted in Saturn, giving them an intelligent and justice-based side. The Venusian sign has a reputation for liking the finer things in life — it's one of Libra's best traits. However, just as their symbol represents, they are a sign of balance. Take them to an arts and culture museum and they'll wow you with their good taste and even better knowledge about the work itself.

Explore your desires with Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo

For a date night with your Pisces or Scorpio boo, Clare recommends spicing it up with some new tricks in the bedroom. Ruled by Mars, the planet of desire, passion, and aggression, Scorpio is willing to go the distance to please you. As for Pisces, the sign has a penchant for optimism, indulgence, and expansion, so they won't shy away or judge your wants. 

"Scorpio's fixed modality is responsible for their intense and magnetic personality, while Pisces' mutable modality contributes to their imaginative and adaptable nature," adds Clare. "Due to this, they may enjoy exploring each other's desires and boundaries, trying out some new techniques, and amping up [the] heat in the bedroom." Take your partner to a sex store to discover new things and discuss your preferences beforehand.

The before-the-bedroom planning is especially appreciated by Virgo. Although they may be seen as uptight and rigid, Pisces' sister sign is also mutable, which allows them to accommodate your needs and go outside of their comfort zone. Mutable signs are adaptable and are okay with change. They are also earth signs, so they value pleasure and a great work ethic, so they won't quit when it comes to appealing to your needs, a trait you'll discover when you're in a relationship with a Virgo.

Show off your best moves with Aries and Leo

As a Mars-ruled sign, Aries embraces the competitive side of the red planet. When in love, the ram loves to charge head first and be adventurous with their partner. As for fellow fire sign Leo, they have high expectations for their partner, especially since they expect to show them off whenever they can.

Take them out dancing, allowing your Leo to show you off, or your Aries to show you out. Before you head out, practice your moves and let them lead. As a cardinal sign, Aries are initiators; they love to be the first of anything, and most importantly, they love to win. Meanwhile, a Leo doesn't care what you do — as long as you don't shy away from being seen. Ruled by the sun, they don't mind sharing the spotlight and nothing turns them off more than someone who will hide away from it.

A sensual night of dancing will allow you to discover the different sides of a fire sign. Ariens will love the fun of a challenge and the excitement of not knowing where the night will go. If you keep up with their energetic frenzy and love of spontaneity, they'll know you're the one. Leos want a partner to shine with and will be watching to ensure that you have the confidence and charisma to be an equal match.