The Trending Soft Matte Makeup Look Is The Perfect Balance Between Casual And Glam

Love it or hate it, TikTok has become a major driving force behind some of the hottest beauty and skincare trends of the past few years. From creating "revenge makeup" looks that are so good your ex will want you back to reviews of just about every blush available, the social media app is on fire when it comes to predicting and trying out the latest trends.

Now, the latest makeup trend has taken center stage. Not quite as dewy as the TikTok glass skin trend but just as popular, this makeup look, dubbed "soft matte makeup," is just as dreamy as it sounds. Similar to the "buttery skin" trend, which uses makeup to create an instant glowy look without requiring a 10-step skincare routine first, soft matte makeup is a must-try. It blurs the lines between getting your glow on and keeping things matte for a unique look that toes the line between casual and glam. Intrigued? Here's how to achieve the soft matte makeup look.

This trend embraces two different makeup styles

Also referred to as "cloud skin," celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg told Glamour that the trend combines dewy and matte textures for a soft, super-forgiving glow. Instead of the mega-watt shine that a pigmented highlighter will bring or the intense matte finish of years prior, the soft matte makeup look is all about looking fresh and lit from within. Just like the soft haze filter you put on your Insta photos, soft matte makeup will give you a soft focus filter appearance in real life. 

Beauty TikToker @giseleayora explained the trend as less of a "2016 matte" and more of a "softer velvety beautiful matte." @purenavamakeup agrees, describing the soft matte/cloud skin look as "a natural, soft matte with a subtle hazy glow." However, the focus on looking softer doesn't mean you can't be glam. The trend has more of a focus on finish and heaviness than color, so don't throw away your bold eyeshadow palette and red lipstick just yet. 

You don't need to go out and buy tons of new products to get the look

An easy way to achieve the trend is by doing your usual makeup routine with glowy products and then using a matte setting powder on top to create the blurred, soft-focus look. It doesn't just have to be powder, either. Mattifying blush and bronzer will have a similar effect and save you from buying more products than you need to. The main appeal of the trend is to mix and match textures for a unique and beautifully half-dewy, half-matte finish. 

However, if you do need to invest in a powder, the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre is a great choice. This powder will even out your skin tone whilst still giving you a more natural finish. In terms of blush, the Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Powder Blush will give you a healthy-looking flush without adding shine to a dewy base. Finally, cult classic bronzer Benefit Hoola Bronzer will give you a bronze goddess finish without being overly dewy, making it a good product to pair with a more intense highlighter.