Mascara Colors That Make Blue Eyes Pop

Mascara is a makeup essential. Whether you are caking on a full face or embracing the no-makeup makeup look, you can not go wrong with this eyelash product. A simple swipe can deliver longer, volumized, and fuller lashes. Your eyelashes are the key to the appearance of brighter eyes. That's why eyelash extensions and falsies exist. Even eyelash growth serum is on the market.

Black and brown mascara shades are the number one sellers — no surprise there. Those colors deliver the most natural look and blend with all skin tones. But picking a mascara to complement your eye color will draw more attention to the windows of your soul. For the blue-eyed babes, put down the black and try a different mascara color. No, you will not look like you're celebrating Halloween. However, you will have showstopping eye makeup. We'll show you how a pick of the rainbow can make your ocean eyes pop.

Red, orange, and yellow for the highest contrast

Orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, which makes them complementary. Orange offers the highest contrast to blue yet is guaranteed to match. It's true opposites attract. Whether tangerine or amber, try orange mascara for vibrant eye makeup. If a subtle pop is more your style, opt for shades of red or yellow. They offer a less intense glam look; however, they still deliver contrast since these colors don't contain any blue. More neutral hues like peach or blonde fall into this category.

Tones of red, orange and yellow will intensify the blue in your iris. To make your eyes appear larger, go with a combination of long lashes and bright shades. This style will draw attention up your lashes, creating the look of wider eyes. A favorite of ours is ColourPop's Sugar Pie BFF Mascara. It is a sweet peach color with warm undertones. Those accents against the cool tones of your eyes will make the blue pop. For an earthy orange-red color, try the limited edition brick red Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara. It is a medium tone that goes hand-in-hand with blue eyes.

Go dark to emphasize your ocean eyes

Bright, colorful lashes can be a little intimidating, especially if black and brown are all you've experimented with. Start with darker colors for a seamless transition into the world of rainbow eyelashes. Light versus dark is another classic juxtaposition. Burgundy, navy blue, or army green mascara will highlight your blue eyes. The hint of color will be less apparent, unlike your irises. EXCEL Long & Colored Lash collection has mascara shades like cranberry, prune, and green ocean, that will curl, elongate and tint your eyelashes.

If you want to test drive a color before investing in the mascara, there is a hack to color your falsies. You can paint your false lashes with eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner. It won't give you the saturated hue the mascara would, but you get a sense of which color lashes work best for your blue eyes before buying. Remember that contrast is key, whether it's color contrast or light contrast. Your lashes are the backup singers, while your blue eyes own the spotlight.