How To Add Green Mascara To Your Makeup Routine

When you think of mascara, green might be the last color to come to mind. It's time to change that mindset. According to Eyeko, green mascara is one of the most universally flattering colors that look nice with virtually any eye color. For those who have never tried a colored mascara before, Glowsly calls green mascara the "best gateway" into the trend for its wearability.

"If you have a green eye, green mascara is going to not make it pop as much as accentuate it in a soft kind of way. If you have brown or hazel eyes, it's going to make it pop," celebrity makeup artist Jared Lipscomb told Bravo TV.

Colored mascara not only helps your eyes stand out, but it can act as an accessory and bring life to a solid colored dress, per Stylist. Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta highly recommends going monochromatic and matching your mascara to your outfit. "If you're wearing an outfit with say, a hint of blue or green, or whatever color you're trying to make stand out, add that same color to your lashes," Ta told Stylist.

So the next time you want to rock that emerald green dress in the back of your closet, applying a green mascara is the new way to match in a subtle way. You'll no longer have to worry about buying a matching pair of heels. Green mascara can be used for bold special-occasion looks, or paired with sweatpants for a laid-back vibe.

A beginner's guide to using green mascara

Glowsly encourages curling your eyelashes before applying green mascara so that your lashes will have the ultimate lift to help the color stand out. To get the green color to coat your lashes evenly, L'Oreal USA recommends using their Voluminous Lash Primer.

Celebrity makeup artist Jared Lipscomb then suggests keeping your eye makeup to an "earthy neutral tone," using shades like olive green, coffee brown, and antique gold, per Bravo TV. Finish off the look by bronzing your cheeks, and wearing a neutral lipstick color to keep the attention on the eyelashes. Lipscomb warns that experimenting with too much color can clash and look like you came back to the future from a time-travel trip to the '80s.

For novices, keeping the look simple is a foolproof way to introduce a pop of color into your makeup routine. But if you're still apprehensive about green eyelashes, then Lipscomb says you can wear black mascara on the top eyelashes, and wear green mascara on the bottom lashes. This way, you get the pop of color that will highlight your eyes, but you keep the depth that black mascara provides and don't look washed out.

Patrick Ta, who is Gigi Hadid's makeup artist, gave another tip to Stylist on how to tone down a green mascara. Ta suggests applying a single coat of black mascara first, and then layering the green mascara afterward. This helps subdue a mascara with brighter pigments.

Green mascara is a color lover's dream

If your mantra is "go bold, or go home," then you can easily amp up your green mascara with a pop of color. Applying a bright green mascara on both your top and bottom sets of eyelashes is the easiest way to pack a punch, per L'Oreal USA. Pairing the green mascara with a green eyeliner will emphasize the emerald hue, while adding a champagne shimmer eyeshadow will highlight your jade-toned lashes. To boost up the drama, green eyelashes can look especially striking when paired with a contrasting purple eyeshadow.

Other ideas that will have all eyes on your eyes include lash contouring and two-toned lashes, per L'Oreal USA. With lash contouring, you only apply green mascara to the outer parts of your lashes. The two-toned lash look consists of applying green mascara to either your top or bottom lashes, and then applying a different contrasting color to the other set of lashes.

Patrick Ta suggests looking at a color wheel and choosing the complementary color to your mascara shade as your lipstick color, per Stylist. According to Ta, this is a form of color-blocking. "Colors that look good with the emerald mascara are maroon, or red," Ta recommended to Stylist.

There's a shade of green mascara for everyone's taste

Whether you're green to wearing colored mascara or want to wear green to be seen, there's a shade of mascara that will suit your makeup needs. Makeup artist Jared Lipscomb recommended a darker green mascara to Bravo TV, like a "jade or hunter green," as they are universally flattering colors that will suit every skin and eye color.

The L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Deep Green will give you that hint of a tint with a luscious forest green hue. On the other side of the spectrum, Fox 31 also recommends Sephora Collection Volume ON Mascara in Green ON!, which will provide the ultimate bright grassy hue reminiscent of the greener pastures in your dreams. If springtime pastels are more of your vibe, then Meloway Your Way Mascara in Mint Creme is one you should try, per Fox 31.

Above all, Patrick Ta says if you're going to wear green mascara, to wear it confidently, Stylist. "When you wear color, it's about minimizing everything else, keep your skin and everything else super fresh and just be that cool girl. Channel her," Ta told Stylist.

Just remember, green means go. So go ahead and try on some green mascara. We promise there's no need to proceed with caution on this trend.