How To Rock Burgundy Mascara For An Elevated Eye Makeup Look

In a world of beauty where nothing is ever completely original, makeup trends frequently come and go. One week, rhinestones incorporated into a full glam look is all the rage, and the next week, the "effortless" soft glam often seen on Keke Palmer and Zendaya will be America's go-to. It's a never-ending cycle that one must stay up to date with in order to slay appropriately. However, colored mascara has been around for a long time, and has recently been quietly climbing up the ranks. In particular, burgundy mascara has become a popular option.

Once intimidating, there is something quite inviting about burgundy mascara. It could be due to the fact that burgundy is one of the standard colors of the fall season, which is a beacon of comfort and coziness. Whatever the reason for the sudden urge to try this gorgeous trend, TikTokers are lining up to show off their eye looks, which include this new fan favorite. Thankfully for those still unsure about burgundy mascara, lots of brand have their own take on the colorful lash definer, which is even more motivation to add this subtle yet unexpected component to your beauty routine.

Burgundy mascara takes eye makeup looks to the next level

Often, even those who pull off the most bold eye looks won't dare to deviate from black mascara. Brown mascara often only serves as a go-to if black is out of reach. However, there is something extremely alluring about burgundy mascara, especially when paired with other warm tones. Hazelnut-hued eyeshadow colors, such as browns, rusts, and tans, will pair well with burgundy lashes. If full glam is required for the evening, a sparkly gold eyeshadow would also work beautifully with this colored mascara.

There is something particularly special about how burgundy mascara lays on the eyes. Not as bold as black mascara, but also not as subtle as brown, burgundy exists somewhere in the middle. Fresh out of the bottle, it almost appears as a deep mocha. Once applied, the results are a deep red that especially brings out the color in green, hazel, and brown eyes.

Beauty brands are catching on to the burgundy wave

One brand in particular has been getting praise for its contribution to the burgundy mascara movement. Makeup enthusiasts are fawning over the L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara in Deep Burgundy. This mascara thickens lashes evenly and swiftly without clumping, thanks to the volume-maximizing brush. Not to mention, the drugstore price point making it an affordable addition to makeup kits without breaking the bank.

While L'Oréal is seemingly one of the most popular offerings, several burgundy selections exist, each delivering something unique. Dior also has a breathtaking horse in this race: the limited edition DiorShow Iconic Overcurl in the hue 664 Brique. This deep red is a bit brighter than a standard burgundy, but still lives within the same realm, presenting some much-needed variety to the blossoming new fad. While this gives lashes a slight red tint, it's still a great contender. Kiko Cosmetics incorporated shimmer into its Metallic Burgundy Smart Colour Mascara. Adding a bit of shine to lashes, Kiko's rich formula will pair magically with any eye look that includes glitter. 

Burgundy mascara should help you throw any fears about colorful lashes out the window. This beauty trend has gotten it right with the help of a much-appreciated social media push.