Why An Ice Cream Meet-Up Is The Perfect First Date Idea

It's no secret that dating can be stressful. Whether you're taking a break from downloading dating apps, or you've been on more first dates than you can count, trying to find your person in this big world can sometimes feel exhausting. While vetting a potential candidate before agreeing to meet up for drinks can save you time, money, and a potential headache the next morning, changing your typical first-date meeting spot may be even more beneficial.

While having a drink out at the bar now and again is something many people enjoy, feeling forced to get dressed up and buy overpriced alcohol just to see if your date is a good match can feel mundane and take the spark out of dating. Plus, with many Americans choosing to drink less in recent years, getting to know someone over drinks doesn't seem to be the best option anymore. Instead, many people are actually turning to a more intimate and wholesome first date idea: ice cream! The sweet innocence of tasting ice cream flavors together and connecting in a more laid-back environment could actually be the secret to success.

Environment is everything

The early stages of dating usually involve exchanging pleasantries and more surface-level questions. However, even these conversations can be difficult amongst the commotion of a loud bar. With the unspoken expectation of ordering more than one drink, paired with the need to calm any first-date jitters, the entire dynamic can feel restrictive. Plus, if you can tell you're not vibing with your date, feeling stuck is the last thing you want.

Juxtapose this scenario with an ice cream date, where the stakes naturally feel much lower. You can get ice cream during the day or at night, and there isn't a need to get dressed up or even change out of work clothes. It's sweet and simple, like catching up with an old friend. You have the option of sitting and talking in the ice cream shop for a while, but walking is also a perfect first-date activity. You can change up the scenery and embrace the casual conversation that flows as you stroll the streets licking your sweet treat.

Plus, it opens up a natural ending to the date since most people don't typically go back and get more ice cream. Of course, if the connection is promising, there's no rush to leave. It simply gives you options, and on a first date, options are your best friend.

Ice cream dates build friendships first

Ice cream dates may frequently get overlooked, but they are universally praised for a reason. The very nature of getting ice cream with someone allows for a casual way of spending quality time together. It's less about the idea of going on a date with all the typical bells and whistles, and more of an intentional statement of interest. Of course, getting dressed up and having a romantic date night has its time and place, but for a first date, establishing good communication and trust is key.

For those that are dating to find a long-term partner, choosing to meet up for ice cream may sound like an activity for the youth, but nostalgia is a great catalyst for sharing stories and building a real friendship before anything romantic comes. Adding that special spark back to your dating life in a budget-friendly way is a route many people are starting to prefer. It's fun and lighthearted, and sometimes that is exactly what you are looking for on a first date. Plus, discussing your favorite ice cream flavor is the ideal first-date icebreaker.