22 Haircuts That Are Perfect For Heart-Shaped Faces

Not all haircuts are universally flattering. A style that looks stunning on somebody with an oval-shaped face may not look as good on someone with a smaller, more rounded face. A heart-shaped face is generally a face that resembles a heart with wider features in the middle with a pointed chin, but anyone with a face that has a wide forehead that gets narrow around the chin and jawline area can also be considered heart-shaped. There are even meanings behind every face shape — for example, those with a heart-shaped face usually have a loving personality and are prone to affection as well as creativity. 

From bold bob haircuts to long beachy waves and baby bangs to wispy curtain styles, there are so many haircuts out there to choose from. Because of this, it can be difficult to try and figure out which styles flatter heart-shaped faces. Whether you're interested in finding the best hairstyle for your face shape or simply thinking about switching things up, use the gorgeous styles below as inspiration for your next trip to the salon. 

A true pixie cut could be the change you're looking for

Though it's a big change if you have long hair, pixie cuts are practically made for heart-shaped faces. This close cut hairstyle will accentuate the high cheekbones and elongated chin area most people with heart faces have. Chic and sophisticated, it's guaranteed to get you compliment after compliment. However, note that this style is high maintenance, as you'll have to get it trimmed regularly at a salon (or cut it yourself if you're feeling brave enough).

Dare to show off your features with a close crop pixie

Maisie Williams is another example of a celeb with a pixie cut that perfectly complements her heart-shaped face. Her pixie is short and could look severe if not for the strands of hair at the front that aren't quite long enough to be mini bangs. Though it's short on top, the length on either side of the haircut is what makes it look so good. Her face is also relatively small, which is why a shorter haircut doesn't overwhelm her features and highlights them instead.

A long pixie cut is a way to ease yourself into having a pixie

Like the look of a pixie but a bit intimidated by the big chop? Try a long pixie instead. This style has the characteristics of a traditional pixie without the ultra-short length. Celeb stylist Jennifer Matos told Byrdie that this style will lend a heart-shaped face "texture and softness, which together give hair movement for the ultimate versatility." Plus, this style looks even better with all styles of bangs, including curtain and wispy.

The lob is a go-to for heart-shaped faces

Sometimes you can't decide between short and long, and that's where the lob comes in. It's also an excellent style for heart faces. Speaking to Byrdie, celeb stylist Jennifer Matos called the lob a "great haircut that works well for heart-shaped faces." There are many takes on the lob style, but Matos recommends keeping your lob closer in length to your collarbone than your jawline. Otherwise, a pointed chin and wider cheekbone face shape could appear even wider due to the boxier look of short haircuts.

Lob haircuts work for both thick and thin hair

No need to worry if you don't have thin hair either – lob cuts can definitely work for thick hair. The same rules apply when it comes to a lob style for thick hair — long layers are key. This is because shorter layers, especially those that frame your face, can make your face appear wider instead of balancing it out. This is especially relevant if you don't have bangs, as your forehead can look bigger with the wrong haircut.

A wavy lob and side part are a match made in heaven

Soft waves are always a classic when it comes to styling a lob. As illustrated by Cate Blanchett, a deep side part is a striking way to highlight the features of a heart-shaped face. Whilst her forehead is exposed, the volume of the side part deflects and prevents it from looking disproportionately wide in comparison to her sharper jawline and pointed chin. As her lob haircut finishes just above her collarbone, it elongates her face rather than shortening it. 

Long layers and a middle part will never let heart-shaped faces down

Though this style is flicked out at the ends, a middle part and straight, layered hair in a lob cut is one of the most flattering hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. Longer layers that finish far below the lower section of your face will only accentuate your gorgeous narrow jawline and pointed chin, as they draw the eye down toward your collarbones rather than up toward your cheekbones. The flicked ends are a cute way to stay on-trend. 

A curly style can bring dimension to your face

Though the jury is out on whether Selena Gomez has a round or heart-shaped face, her curly lob hairstyle is a prime example of how haircuts can change the shape of our face. Bangs will cover some of your forehead, the widest part of a heart-shaped face, thus bringing balance and creating an overall narrower look. If large curls make your face appear rounder, try softer waves instead, as they aren't as focused on volume. 

A super curly lob can look amazing if you have higher cheekbones

If you have the type of heart-shaped face with higher cheekbones rather than wider flat ones, you have a bit more freedom when it comes to volume. Curly hair, particularly when it ends below the collarbone, will give the illusion of a fuller chin without widening your jawline area. As this style is all one length, it's best suited to heart-shaped faces that are on the longer side, as longer layers naturally add length to a face.

A dramatic fringe is always a look for heart-shaped faces

This lob hairstyle is on the shorter side, but it still stops below the jawline, thus preventing a widened cheekbone look. The dramatic sweeping bangs cover most of the forehead, with a slight part for a youthful edge, which is always flattering for heart-shaped faces. Moreover, the subtle waves give the narrow chin and jawline area some depth and dimension without adding too much volume like large curls would. This look is similar to a shag cut but with fewer choppy layers. 

A pixie with mini bangs is elegant and chic

Mini bangs, or half bangs, are also a go-to haircut option for heart-shaped faces. Once again, this is because it will skim over a wider forehead and slim your face down so the eye is drawn to your jawline and chin area rather than the broader areas of your face you might want to cover. Just like Halsey's take on the style, texture and small waves, as well as longer side sections, will also help to bring focus downward to your jaw.

Wispy bangs are all about being free-flowing rather than stuck down

While we're on the topic of bangs, Bumble & Bumble stylist Tashina recommends wispy bangs (via InStyle). An important factor of wispy bangs is the level of movement they allow — solid, static bangs can make heart-shaped faces appear rounder due to their blunt look. Rather than short bangs, longer bangs work better for a wispy style and will give you a sweetly whimsical look that's perfect for romantic heart-shaped faces.

Side bangs will have a similar effect to a side part

Side bangs can work well with both long and shorter hair. They may not be as popular as regular bangs or curtain bangs, but they are an excellent choice when it comes to heart-shaped faces. Side bangs are also versatile, as they can be swept back, pulled forward, or blended into your natural hairline for a different look altogether. Plus, the supermodel side part is back in style, so why not embrace your inner model and accentuate your best features?

Take side bangs a step further with side swept bangs

An additional way to style a side part is with side swept bangs. This more obvious take on the side bangs trend is a wonderful haircut for heart-shaped faces as it will skim the widest parts of your face like your forehead, and emphasize the narrower parts like your chin and jawline. Side swept bangs can sweep across your whole forehead, or just cover part of it like in the above photo. Either way, the style works well with all hair lengths.

Curtain bangs should be styled a certain way

A crowd favorite, curtain bangs are another solid bangs option for heart-shaped faces. However, they should not sit at one length around the face. This will add boxiness and wideness to the face. Instead, as demonstrated with the above style, curtain bangs that hit the cheekbone or lower will flatter heart-shaped faces indefinitely. The longer your curtain bangs, the less focus will be on your forehead and the more focus on your jaw for a stylish and sculpted look.

Bring some edge to your hair with this cut

For an edgier cut that still works well with heart-shaped faces, why not try out a wolf or shag cut? Wolf-type cuts can come in several lengths, but, as you may have figured out by now, longer cuts flatter heart-shaped faces. This is a more diluted version of the heavily layered style. You can have the cut without bangs, but it looks even cooler with wispy, eyebrow-skimming bangs that hide the forehead for an overall more tapered effect. This cut will also show off any highlights you have.

Pin back one side of your hair for added oomph

If you're looking for a glam look that will suit a heart-shaped face, look no further than Dianna Agron. The actress illustrates how perfectly soft, beachy waves complement a heart-shaped face. Her deep side part and the volume in the fringe offset her wider forehead and instead draw attention to her narrow jawline area. The waves are also pinned back on one side to accentuate her high cheekbones. This can be done with a simple bobby pin for a quick and easy way to achieve the same effect.

Layers can elongate your face

Longer layers (i.e. not those in a bob) will give the illusion of a longer face. Those with heart-shaped faces often have smaller faces and sharper jawlines, so long layers will help to even out the heart shape a little more. A middle part with face framing layers will help to bring dimension to the narrower parts of a heart-shaped face without widening your cheekbone and forehead. This style is between curls and waves, so it can be dressed up or down.

Straight longer layers can work just as well

Reece Witherspoon is a classic example of someone with a heart-shaped face. Her go-to hairstyle usually consists of longer layers that flatter the narrowest parts of her face. Witherspoon does sometimes rock curls, but her main look is straight hair, proving that you don't need tons of volume to flatter a heart-shaped face. She is also partial to side bangs that cover her whole forehead, which, as mentioned above, are a key haircut for heart-shaped faces.

Long waves and a side part are chic and stylish

Waves are a great hairstyle for heart-shaped faces. The soft style won't make any part of your face appear larger than it is but will bring depth to your potentially weaker chin and jaw area. As seen in the photo above, the subtle side part of this haircut also evens out a heart-shaped face, though a more obvious fringe would de-emphasize a larger forehead more if that's what you're aiming for.

Throw it back to the '70s with a hippie-inspired vibe

Lily Collins' 70s-inspired long layered hair and shaggy fringe highlight all the best features of her dainty heart-shaped face. The longer pieces at the front skim her cheekbones and taper at her jawline for a sculpted look, whereas the slightly longer fringe gives the illusion of a smaller forehead. It's relatively easy to overwhelm a smaller heart-shaped face, especially if your forehead isn't as large, but a few layers scattered through a longer length style will help to break up the cut.

Ponytails can look stunning if styled correctly

Last but definitely not least, a ponytail is something different for those days when you want your hair out of your face. Ponytails suit heart-shaped faces better than buns, as they once again highlight the jaw area instead of the forehead like a bun would due to the eye being drawn upward. Like Selena Gomez's ponytail, which is styled so most of the volume is below the base of her scalp, a heart-shaped face will look more balanced with a low ponytail over a high one.