The 'No Pants' Trend Is Turning Underwear Into Outerwear

Have you ever experienced the all-too-common dream where you go outside and you're not wearing any pants? This scenario may be your worst nightmare, but it isn't too far off from the latest trend to hit the fashion scene — no pants. Yes, you read that right. Spotted on the likes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner as well as Bella Hadid, the trend is exactly what it sounds like — going out without any pants on. 

It may seem out of the blue, but the no pants trend is similar to the lingerie as outerwear trend. Starting out with the simple but showy underwear trend that prioritizes comfort to full-on lingerie sets being worn as outdoor clothing, the underwear as outerwear been spotted both on and off the runway. If Rihanna has the confidence to rock a sheer black lingerie set while pregnant, there's no excuse as to why you can't rock the no pants trend. Intrigued? Inspired? Sort of confused? Whatever your thoughts, we've gathered up a few ways to style the no pants look (though you might want to prepare yourself to explain to people you're not wearing them on purpose).

Contrast clothing styles for a sophisticated look

If you're feeling brave and want to recreate the trend completely but are worried about it looking a bit odd, sticking to all-black or mostly black will give you the best results. Just like in the above photo, sheer black tights and leg-lengthening heels are a traditionally sexy combination, but this sexiness is offset slightly by the high neck black sweater and black ankle socks. Remember, you don't have to reach for your shortest pants for this look to work — this could be your granny pants' time to shine.

You don't have to buy new clothes to recreate the trend

For a more subtle take on the trend that also utilizes pieces you already have in your wardrobe, take inspiration from @curated.amelia. Pairing the look with an oversized blazer with cutouts at the side is a chic way to re-wear pieces you may have in your work or day-to-day wardrobe — add some sheer tights and heels to dress the look up. An all-black outfit will create a mysterious and sexy vibe wherever you go.

Wearing tights underneath instead of over is a twist on the trend

Many TikTok users are using Kendall Jenner's no pants look as inspiration for their own take on the trend, but @thirdeyelens took inspiration from Kim Kardashian. Wearing tights under her black pants instead of over, she completed the look with a strappy black tank top and relaxed fit leather shacket. Unlike the heels or knee-high boots typically seen with this trend, she opted for ankle boots to create an all-black look with tons of attitude. 

Adding a print is a good way to elevate basics

You definitely don't have to stick to a monochrome color palette to nail the trend. As seen on @mrsemilyevans, sometimes printed underwear can turn a look from questionable to cool. Using an oversized blazer as the base of the look, she paired a simple white t-shirt and slim black ankle boots with leopard print boy shorts. As the blazer is oversized, the look appears completely different from the front. The leopard print also adds a cheeky edge to the look.

Hit two trends in one my mixing bikercore and the no pants look

If you've been looking for a way to rock the trending bikercore look@artaxhema has you covered. By pairing a distressed moto leather biker jacket with patent knee high boots and accessorizing with a large furry bag, she created a look with tons of edge. If you feel slightly self conscious about having your legs fully on display, a zipped oversized jacket silhouette will cover your entire top section without looking odd.

Use a pair of shorts as an alternative to actual underwear

You don't have to bare it all for the no pants trend — your comfort is most important. With slightly more coverage in mind, @v_andthecity opted for a pair of micro black shorts instead of underwear. For her top half, she chose a black turtleneck jumper, tucking it in a little so the shorts were more visible. As a change to the popular knee-high boots or high heels seen within this trend, she decided on low black tie heels that feature a subtle leopard print pattern.

Don't be afraid to get creative

Of course, like with any trend, you can make this one completely your own. Rather than using the sheer black tights most people have opted for, @benulus chose leopard print tights to start off her outfit and layered high-waisted black pants over the top. She then added a slightly oversized brown blazer on top, cinching the waist with a brown satin corset and tucking in a detachable fur collar. She finished the look with layered gold necklaces and a hanging gold belt. As for shoes, her western-inspired cowboy boots are a fun alternative to black knee high boots.

Small touches can bring the look together

If you're not quite convinced, perhaps @kaluskeviciute's take on the trend will sway you. Using Kendall Jenner's look as her main inspo, she paired a black turtleneck and an oversized black blazer together with black tights similar to Jenner's. Just like @kaluskeviciute, you can add a small pop of color to an all-black outfit with silver slingback kitten heels (or any other heels you prefer). The final look is minimalist yet sophisticated, particularly with the on-trend narrow sunglasses she added at the end. 

Get preppy with the trend

Finally, @iamkapriw brought preppy style to the no pants look. Elevating her leg length with slim heeled sock boots, she kept things relatively simple with an oversized black sweatshirt. However, the preppy twist comes from the decision to put a cute white shirt underneath the sweatshirt, ensuring both the collar and cuffs are visible. This small detail instantly turns the look from a casual one to something still casual but more on the level of hanging out with friends rather than running errands (you may still be a bit cold, though).