How To Romanticize Your Life While Working A Full-Time Job

The mindfulness practice of romanticizing your life has been a viral sensation on TikTok, encouraging people to find beauty in the mundane moments of their life. Just like a romance novel or a dramatic movie montage, lifestyle bloggers and TikTok creators encourage you to embrace your main character energy while you perform your everyday tasks.

But if you're a corporate girly working a 9 to 5, or you feel like you just can't catch a break from your full-time job, finding the time to romanticize your life can feel like too much work –- especially when all you want is to lay on the couch with a snack and a new Netflix show after your workday finally ends. Luckily, romanticizing your life doesn't take a whole lot of time or money, all you need is a slight change in perspective.

Like any mindfulness practice, romanticizing your life is all about taking your time to notice how the little things in your life really benefit you; this practice increases your gratitude, and decreases your stress. TikTok creators with full-time jobs have embraced the 5 to 9 in between their 9 to 5, and shared ideas about how you, too, can romanticize your life while climbing that corporate ladder.

Be present with your senses

TikTok creator @sundazedkk shared her technique for romanticizing her everyday routine that she claims has actually changed her life. Her practice focuses on tuning in to your senses and having gratitude for the ability to hear, taste, smell, touch, and see the beauty around you. This technique might seem so basic that it is common sense, but as this TikTok creator says, once you deliberately take a moment to really notice the sweetness in your morning coffee and the fragrance of your shampoo, you will find a greater appreciation for your daily sensory experience. 

Turn your favorite beverage into a fancy treat

We all love a good after-work happy hour, but we don't always have the time, energy, or budget to indulge in a fancy beverage after work. But TikTok creator @alexismarievans has found a way to romanticize your beverages at home. Whether you're a Coca-Cola lover or a coffee connoisseur, take a moment to indulge in your favorite drink. Break out your fanciest glass and throw on a song that whisks you off to a far away land as you become your very own mixologist. 

Don't underestimate the power of cooking dinner for one

We are all guilty of ordering takeout after a long work day or heating up a frozen pizza to keep us afloat until the morning alarm buzzes yet again. But sometimes, a home cooked meal is exactly what you need to get yourself out of the workday rut. User @kaelimaee shared a video on TikTok of her romanticized meal for one; from the decadent pasta to the candlelight, we can't wait to try this one when we clock out! 

Make the most of your sick days

For many of us career-first ladies, the idea of calling in sick is a nightmare, but listening to your body and letting yourself heal is the most important thing when you're feeling sick. But sick days don't have to be a total waste. TikTok creator @sloan.byrd reminds us to romanticize our sick days, and focus on nourishing our body and mind back to health. Instead of worrying about your long to-do list at work, take a long shower, make your favorite tea, and catch up on all the rest you desperately need. 

Find joy in your daily commute

Many people would say that one of their least favorite parts of their work day is the commute to and from. But this time can be precious with the right mindset. TikTok user @liebmaple romanticizes her commute to work by train, enjoying a good book and a relaxing song as she admires those around her who are sharing her morning commute. If you travel by car, throw on your favorite podcast or playlist while you drive, and take a moment to admire the scenery that you pass by every day. You might begin to notice the wildflowers growing on the side of the road or how beautiful the brake lights look against the sunset on your ride home. 

Stick to a bedtime routine that works for you

Creator @lifeaslaurenuk reminds us not to blame ourselves when we take time to rest and recharge, especially at the end of a long workday. Having a consistent bedtime routine is a great way to practice mindfulness while sticking to a self-care schedule that makes you feel good. Take your time as you remove your makeup, apply your nighttime creams, and jump into your favorite pair of pajamas. Instead of waiting and dreading for work the next morning, focus on all the small tasks you perform as you prepare for a good night's sleep. 

Keep a daily journal

Never underestimate the power of a gratitude list. One of the best ways to romanticize your life in the midst of a chaotic and stressful day is to take a few minutes to journal about all the things that have brought you joy during the day. TikTok user @lilymayedwards began journaling at the start of 2023, and has seen a huge shift in her mindset since she has taken time to document the things she is grateful for each morning. It only takes a few minutes and can be done in the morning, during your break, or right before bed. 

Dedicate your weekend to self-care

For us weekend warriors, it can be hard to fit all our non-work related tasks into just two days, especially when you can feel the Sunday scaries looming just around the corner. From household chores to maintaining friendships and personal hygiene, self-care can feel like another full-time job. But dedicating one day during your weekend to performing self-care tasks that you enjoy will help you rest and relax during the weekend. TikTok creator @growithardi romanticizes her weekend by exercising, preparing a delicious breakfast, and disconnecting from all work-related tasks, focusing solely on self-care for a whole day. 

Treat yourself when you're feeling burnout

It can be hard to enjoy your weekend or nights off when you are feeling burnt out, and the act of romanticizing your life might make you feel more guilty because you aren't being productive. But practicing mindfulness and indulging in fun activities outside of your responsibilities at work might be exactly what you need to combat your feelings of stress and fatigue. @prachiunfiltered shared her anti-burnout weekend, consisting of a night admiring art, enjoying a drink with friends, and taking a long walk to replenish her groceries. When you take time to prioritize your mental health, you are being productive, no matter what it may look like. 

Make a playlist that boosts your mood

Music has the power to change your mood. Even if you got horrible sleep and woke up to an annoying message from your boss, we bet you'd still bob your head and sing along if your favorite song came on the radio during your commute. Use music to set the tone of your day by creating a "romanticizing you life" playlist full of songs guaranteed to put you in a good mood, no matter what the work day throws at you. TikTok creator @jull.ova shared her favorite curated playlist. On Spotify, you can pull inspiration from her collection or curate your own!