What To Ask Your Stylist For If You Want To Hop On The Buttery Blonde Trend In 2023

There's no doubt that blonde hair is hot right now. There are multitudes of blonde shades we're seeing everywhere, including the toasted coconut hair trend and the mahogany blonde hair seen on Sydney Sweeney. However, you may not have seen as much of the hair color known as "buttery blonde." Buttery blonde hair combines lighter and darker blonde highlights with just a hint of brown to leave you with rich golden hair the shade of butter.

With trailblazers like Matilda Djerf and Bella Hadid sporting luxe buttery blonde locks, there's no doubt that this hair trend will be all over your Insta feed, so you might as well get ahead of the crowd. You may live in an area where the norm is ice over sun, but this hair color will make you feel like you're permanently on vacation. Here's all the info on what to ask for at your next salon trip to achieve gorgeous buttery blonde tresses.

This blonde shade is less icy and more sun-kissed

Celeb hairstylist Glenn Ellis describes the trending shade to PureWow as featuring "a sun-kissed finish." Ellis additionally noted the versatility of buttery blonde hair, stating that the color "has the right amount of warmth that looks good on a plethora of skin tones." Unlike most trending shades of blonde, buttery blonde is all about warmth, so it's time to toss the purple shampoo and wave goodbye to overtly cool tones.

However, just because this color is warmer, you don't need to worry about your hair looking yellow. Just like how butter ranges in color from pale yellow to a deep toasted color, so will your hair. In fact, the mix of warm and cool tones seen with this trending color is what gives it such depth and dimension. It's also a great color option if you're trying to grow out a previous blonde shade, as darker roots mesh with the look well and help to give it more of a relaxed and laidback vibe.

The shade is ideal for light brown hair, too

Because of all the different lowlights, highlights, and shades of blonde used to create the buttery blonde look, we recommend you go to the salon for this hair trend (unless you're very confident in your dyeing abilities). Speaking to Glamour, hairstylist Lauren Grummel particularly recommended buttery blonde hair for those with light brown hair. It's also a good option for dark blonde hair, as butter blonde utilizes your natural hair color to provide depth.

Grummel stated that her way of achieving buttery blonde hair is to lighten the client's base color before starting to add highlights. The most important thing is that everyone's preference is different — if you have undeniably warm undertones, you may want more warm highlights, whereas those with a neutral undertone may prefer more of a mix of cool and warm. As mentioned above, buttery blonde encompasses a range of shades in the yellow-gold color range, so thinking a bit outside of the box to find the best buttery color for you is definitely encouraged.