The Toasted Coconut Hair Trend Is Perfect For Warming Up Your Winter Color

Lately, there have been just as many new hair trends dominating our Insta feeds as beauty ones. Dreamy Gemini hair is for those who dare to try something bold and new, whereas more casual styles like mahogany blonde and Natalia Bryant's cinnamon brown hair have been popular among those looking for a shade to warm things up during the cooler winter months. And this sweet-sounding latest hair trend will no doubt be as popular as its predecessors. 

Dubbed "toasted coconut" hair, this style takes inspiration from the pretty color of, you guessed it, toasted coconuts. Incorporating elements of the ever-popular ombré hairstyle, the toasted coconut hair trend will bring depth and dimension to your locks. It's also relatively easy to achieve for both blondes and brunettes, so why not try something new with a hairstyle that has a name so laidback you'll feel the tropical breeze even on the cloudiest of days? 

The style is perfect if you like a low-maintenance look

According to Byrdie, the toasted coconut hair look is defined as "a chocolate or dark chocolate brown melted into a light neutral or cool blonde tone," per professional hairstylist Laura Gibson. Darker roots are a key element of the toasted coconut look and are in fact what makes growing it out so easy when you inevitably decide to switch things up. Lighter blondes can easily try the style, but it's a perfect fit if you have dark blonde or light brunette hair too, particularly as both of these shades require less bleach. 

Allure also notes that this style is a great way to transition into becoming "bronde" — that's a mix between brunette and blonde, for the uninitiated. While combining blonde and brown shades can sometimes look a little harsh, toasted coconut hair is all about mixing these shades softly in a gradual ombré style, which is why it goes so well with beachy waves for a truly laidback vibe. The ombré effect of toasted coconut hair is partly why it is so low-maintenance, as your roots won't start to show dramatically between salon visits. 

You can go warm or cool with this chic hair trend

If bleach-blonde tips aren't your thing, don't panic since stylists have been inspired to try out warmer toasted coconut hair too, as Refinery29 points out. Instead of platinum ends, you could opt for a buttery blonde or even a subtle strawberry blonde shade that blends in with the darker roots. Warmer ends are a great option during fall and winter too, as many people tend to switch up from bright blonde to more muted tones during these months. Likewise, darker blonde ends will be easier on your hair if you have already sustained damage from prior bleaching, too.

And, if you're not convinced by classic ombré, the beauty of the toasted coconut hair trend is that it can be weaved into your hair in many different ways. One option is to incorporate face-framing layers, as Byrdie suggested. Lighter layers around your face will highlight your features and can give you a softer look depending on the shade of blonde you choose. Face-framing toasted coconut layers are also an alternative way to be on-trend if you have shorter hair that isn't sufficient enough to achieve a full ombré look.