What To Do After Applying Way Too Much Perfume

Anyone who wears perfume regularly has committed this fragrance crime. You were in a rush and mindlessly sprayed a squirt or two more of your favorite perfume scent than what was necessary. Perhaps you applied your regular amount but then you didn't really smell it on you, so you added a little extra here and there, only to get on the subway or in the car and smell your own perfume in massive amounts.

You look around to see if you notice any faces reacting to your floral inundation. Perhaps the worst situation is when you get to work or in a crowded waiting room and hear people comment about how they are smelling a strong perfume.

You then rationalize that once you get out in the air for a bit the scent will lessen, without really knowing if that's actually true. After all, there's nothing you can do now .... or is there?

Perfume can be stronger at different times

Perfume can be such a delightful part of a beauty routine. It makes you feel fresh and luxurious and can also make a statement about your confidence and the way you care for yourself. Yet when you wear too much, it will still make a statement, just not an impressive one.

The first thing to know is that applying too much perfume isn't always your fault. You can spray the regular amount you always do but the scent can last longer under certain conditions and can change according to weather, skin moisture, and the strength of the perfume itself, as per The Perfume Society. A newly opened bottle may be stronger and it will linger longer on your sky when it's wet. A scent will also last longer in dry air as opposed to humidity.

For these reasons, if you are fresh out of the shower you might want to spray less than if your skin has been dry for many hours. If you have a brand new bottle of perfume or the weather is very dry, be modest in your spritzing.

What to do when you've applied too much perfume

Most perfumes can stay fresh-smelling on your skin for between three and twelve hours, depending on perfume concentrations. Higher-end formulations can linger up to 24 hours, which can be a bad thing when you've inadvertently used too much. However, there are easy and fast ways to correct the problem.

White many people start scrubbing their skin with soap and water, which doesn't typically help. Instead, dip some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton round and dab the areas of your skin where you applied the perfume, as per Allure. There is no need to scrub so just gently wipe the area down the way a medical professional does before taking a blood test.

If you can't get to a pharmacy or don't have alcohol on hand, try using baby wipes to gently wipe the scented areas. One last ditch way to curb the scent is to use an unscented lotion and rub it into the areas where the perfume was applied.