General Hospital Fans Have A Bone To Pick With Curtis' Treatment Of Jordan Over Portia's Secret

Considering Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) not only worked in law enforcement as a Baltimore police detective, and later for the DEA, and was also a PI, on "General Hospital," one would think that he'd understand how secrets and lies are all part of the job. In Port Charles, Curtis married police commissioner Jordan Ashford (then Briana Nicole Henry), whom he had previously worked with in the DEA. To Curtis, lying is more than a pet peeve, it's a trigger that makes him angry. 

However, simply understanding the nature of Jordan's job didn't quell those feelings, and after a while, her need to keep official secrets from him led Curtis to divorce her. 20 years ago, he and Dr. Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) had an affair, but when Curtis found out she was married to Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews), he left her. After reconnecting in recent years, Portia and Curtis got married on Valentine's Day. 

However, during their prior affair, Portia fell pregnant but sat on that secret since Curtis was out of her life, never attempting to clarify the paternity of her daughter, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). Once the truth was finally revealed, Curtis learned that not only did his Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) suspect Trina's paternity, but Jordan (now Tanisha Harper) did also. He confronted Jordan about what she knew and for how long. Now, fans have some choice words for Curtis.

Fans online really let Curtis have it

"General Hospital" posted a picture of Curtis and Jordan on Twitter, captioning it: "Curtis wants to know how much Jordan knew about Trina and when. How will she explain herself?" In response, several fans were quick to assert that Jordan was not at fault, with one replying, "She doesn't need to explain anything" while another followed up with, "It wasn't her place to tell him." Even if Jordan had told Curtis her suspicions about Trina's paternity, as one fan speculated, "He would have been mad at Jordan anyway. He would have told her to mind her own business." 

Curtis himself could arguably be considered something of a hypocrite, as one viewer pointed out: "He needs to tell Portia about his backroom mob gambling situation, then sit down and talk about everything with Portia, not Jordan," which is a reference to the fact that Curtis allowed local mobster Selina Wu (Lydia Look) to run illegal games in the back of his nightclub.

One fan pointedly stated, "Look. Jordan told Portia to 'fess up. REPEATEDLY. That's all Curtis needs to know from Jordan. I hope Curtis is smart enough not to badger Trina about getting a DNA test." Elsewhere, one "GH" fan who's tired of seeing Curtis getting hurt all the time complained, "He needs a real gutsy non-wimpy new story." Along with laugh emojis, an amused viewer posted simply, "Curtis can take a flying leap." We're excited to see how this story plays out!