Creative Ways To Wear A Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are the fashion staples you have to have in your closet. Every dress has its own distinct vibe built in. Depending on the cut, material, color, or pattern you pick up, you can easily switch up your style personality.

Wrap dresses are the holy grail of style and work overtime to transform your closet without any added fuss. They hug your curves in the best way but are also flowy enough to skate over any areas that you may be insecure about. A-line dresses are already universally flattering, and a wrap dress is the best of both worlds. The cut works on all shapes and sizes and the right one will slip right on like a dream, while also showing off your style. All you have to worry about is making sure the strings are secure.

Whatever your style or mood, there is a wrap dress for every season, event, and moment. Their versatility makes them the easiest choice to grab from your closet. Here's how you can style your wrap dress year-round.

Transform a long sleeve wrap dress from winter to summer

The best wrap dress will serve you during the cold and warm months, and everything in between. TikTok user @knowingyourstyle dropped her tips for styling a wrap dress all year long and we're taking notes. Your long sleeve dress can work for more than one season. First, roll up the sleeves and then unbutton the bottom button to create a flirty slit. For a finishing touch, top off your fit with bold metallic shoes, jewelry, and your go-to purse. 

Turn your favorite shirt dress into a wrap dress

If you've been bitten by the DIY bug, try making your own wrap dress with something you already have in your closet. Make a few changes to one of your shirt dresses, including shortening the hem, leaving the top unbuttoned, and tightening the ties around your waist. You can also use your footwear to show off your personality. For a fun, casual vibe, pair your dress with slides or sneakers. As part of a transformation challenge, TikToker @shaun.doe elevated her emerald shirt dress with a few strategically placed buttons and cuts.

Pair your dress with heels

When in doubt, heels can make any outfit better. Pair a colorful and fun patterned wrap dress with bright strappy heels. If your wrap dress is a midi length, adjusting the straps on your heels to make sure they hit your ankle at just the right spot offers the right level of glam. The combination also elongates your legs, and when paired with a bold lip, creates a cohesive fashionable look, as @kali.makes showcased on Instagram.

Choose a slimming fabric

Wrap dresses look beautiful on every body type. If you're feeling self conscious about your midsection, find one that drapes over on top while also cinching in your waist. The right fabric will grace your curves beautifully and draw attention to your collarbones and legs. Opt for a wrap dress made out of a well fitting satin material, which is proven to be slimming. Pair with nude strappy heels for a perfect date night feel, as seen on TikTok fashion stylist Meagan Wells.

Go bold with a deep neckline

The art of rocking a plunging neckline is confidence, wearing the right bra and/or strategically placed fashion tape. Over on TikTok, fashion brand Silk Fred posted a no-sew tutorial on how to adjust the neckline of your wrap dress so it is deeper. Instead of wrapping the dress around your body the traditional way, tie it at the center first. Then, wrap the dress ties around your body twice before making a bow and opening up the neckline. This method makes it easy to adjust your neckline based on your comfort level.

Play around with different textures

The best way to define your style is by playing with different materials. Wrap dresses are versatile and come in many lengths, fits, and fabrics. For the colder months, experiment with warmer material. If you're unsure of where to start, try a wrap dress in a knit fabric. A sweater wrap dress will skate over your curves nicely and also has breathing room. It offers amazing coverage and is still flirty at the same time, as @buffalovebirds showcased on Instagram.

Be a true fashion icon and tie it in multiple ways

You can go the traditional route and fasten the panels around your waist using the attached strings. Or you can remix your look by playing around with how you tie your dress. Switching up your look is simple. Keep your dress panels centered and, after twisting the belt in the front once, tie it in the back of the dress. This hack will create a sultry neckline while also cinching in your waist. 

Wear it as a robe or duster

In the spirit of experimenting with how you tie your wrap dress, rock a velvet dress open as a robe, like Instagram stylist Meghan Zina Lehr. You can also try the trend in a duster-like style. This will turn your dress into a floor-grazing wrap, so play around with different cuts and textures by wearing a crochet bralette and jeans underneath for chill boho vibes. We promise that the end result will be everything that is right in the fashion world. Alternatively, you can wear your dress as a robe.

You can also wear your outfit backwards

The best trends have a long shelf life and multiple uses. Depending on your mood and the vibe you're going for, you can wear your outfit forwards or backward. When worn backward, the wrap dress' signature v-neckline will lend itself to an exposed back look. If you're worried about revealing too much skin, you can layer a lace bandeau underneath. Throw on a pair of strappy sandals for a day date at the park, or dress it up with heels for a dinner with friends.

Wear it as a top and pair with your comfiest jeans

There is no one way to tie your wrap dress. Try something new by tying a patterned or colorful dress over loose ankle jeans. It can easily function as a top. The contrast in the length of the wrap-turned-blouse and the ankle-grazing jeans will take your outfit to the next level. Top off the look with layered necklaces. Author Aimee Song tested out this look in an Instagram post and nailed it.

Turn your wrap dress into a skirt

You'll be surprised at how much a few minor changes can transform your entire look. Fold the top half of your wrap dress inward and tie it around your waist like a skirt, and then pair it with a solid top and statement jewelry. For extra oomph, this look can easily be dressed up with a pair of your favorite heels or ankle boots, as showcased in TikTok style lover Demi's outfit of the day.