Sister Wives' Meri Brown Slams Rumors About Her Sexuality After Kody Split

Meri Brown made serious waves when she announced that she was leaving her husband of over two decades, and long-time co-star, Kody Brown. The "Sister Wives" star recently confirmed that their marriage was over, joining two of her other sister wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, who have also departed from the polygamist union. While Meri admitted that she would be open to reconciling with Kody someday, the two have remained separated thus far.

The end of their relationship was no surprise to "Sister Wives" fans, of course. During the hit reality show's most recent season, Kody acknowledged that he didn't really understand why Meri was still with him, as Kody believed their union was over. Now, the newly-single Meri has taken to Instagram to update fans on how everything is going. As she settles into her newfound freedom, fans can't help but wonder about what Meri's dating life will look like going forward.

Meri finally opened up about her sexuality following her split from Kody

Since her separation from Kody Brown, Meri Brown has been considerably more active on Instagram. The "Sister Wives" star has been keeping fans updated on her progress by taking part in several Instagram Lives, where she shares details about her new life. During one particular Q&A segment on her account, Meri finally responded to the rumors swirling about her sexuality.

"Part of me wants to say it and part of me wants to let people wonder," she admitted. "I've got people really wondering what I may or may not want to say. I'm just gonna do it. I am straight." Meri's friend and co-host for the video, Jenn Sullivan, hilariously added that a fan came up to her in public and quipped: "Did you know you're a lesbian with Meri?"

The reality star reasoned that regardless of who she posts photos with, her fans don't seem to understand that most of these relationships are purely platonic. She concluded, "Now that you all know, you've heard it from my mouth. Oh my goodness, there you go. It's a common topic of conversation as [to] whether I'm going to come out or not, and I'm coming out as being straight. So there you go."