General Hospital Favorite Vanessa Marcil's Special Birthday Message For Maurice Benard

While Vanessa Marcil has been in several TV shows and movies, the role that made her a superstar among soap opera fans was that of the feisty Brenda Barrett on "General Hospital" — which she debuted over 30 years ago. As one half of a daytime super couple with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Marcil won the hearts of viewers who still clamor for her return. Although Brenda hasn't been seen in Port Charles since 2013, Marcil recently explained that she'd one day return to the show.

Benard celebrated his 60th birthday on March 1, and Soap Opera News posted pictures of the beloved actor down through the years to honor him. Former "GH" star Steve Burton (ex-Jason Morgan) and Benard's co-star Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) recently wished him well on their YouTube page, Stone Cold and the Jackal. Burton stated, "I wanted to say happy birthday. I love you (Benard), man. You're the best, and I'm always grateful for everything you've done for us." Anderson echoed Burton's sentiment, adding, "I think you're very handsome. I think you're very talented. And you give great hugs. You give great hugs!" He didn't think many fans knew that about Benard, and Burton chimed in, saying, "Listen, Maurice and I are both huggers, so just imagine us together," hilariously pausing himself as he pointed at the camera.

Marcil also had some nice things to say about Benard.

Marcil and Benard are great friends

"General Hospital" actor Maurice Benard has spent half his life playing the mobster with a heart of gold, Sonny Corinthos, which he's been playing since 1993. While the show's 60th anniversary is coming up on April 1, Benard's diamond jubilee was a month prior. The winner of three Daytime Emmy awards for his work on "GH," Benard has been very open about his bipolar disorder, further endearing himself beyond his character to the fans. Vanessa Marcil had nothing but great things to say about Benard and their 30-year friendship. She revealed to Soap Hub, "(Benard) doesn't drive, he doesn't email, he doesn't talk on the phone, he's just starting to go into that area. Also, now, like now, you can text Maurice Bernard." 

On Instagram, Marcil recently posted a picture of herself with former "General Hospital" producer Shelley Curtis Litvack, and former "GH" executive producer, Wendy Riche, writing, "Happy bday @mauricebenard These women gave me my first acting job. Between us all in this magic era we won about 30 Emmy's during our run together. 30 years later we still cry when we see each other." A super fan of Benard and Marcil's "GH" pairing posted pictures of the two on Twitter, stating, "Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Bernard will always have *it*. Their connection will truly never be matched. Sonny & Brenda forever."

We'd like to join everyone in wishing Benard a very happy birthday!