10 '70s-Inspired Looks To Channel Daisy Jones & The Six's Retro Style

Obsessed with Taylor Jenkins Reid's rock-n-roll novel "Daisy Jones & The Six"? You aren't the only one. The novel is a New York Times best-seller, has sold more than one million copies, and was named best book of the year by a slew of magazine and news outlets. Reese Witherspoon got a hold of the manuscript before it was published, and by the time it came out in 2019, her production company, Hello Sunshine, already owned the rights to adapt it into a series, according to The New York Times.

"Daisy Jones & The Six" hit Amazon airwaves in March, telling the tale of a rock band's rising popularity during the '70s. While there are plenty of rock-n-roll style vibes, other fashions from the era are portrayed in the limited series. From high-waisted jeans to crocheted tops and beyond, there's so much wardrobe inspiration to take from the '70s.

As for the essential fashion staple that you should invest in from the era, that would be a coat with fur trim. "It's a really classic, elegant, but fashionable look," shares Denise Wingate, who designed all the looks for "Daisy Jones & The Six." I also love knee-high boots," she told Glamour. As for what else you'll want to add to your '70s wardrobe, there are plenty of options...

Bring on the bell bottoms

You can hardly think of the '70s without thinking of bell-bottom pants. Worn in jeans form or printed patterns; in high-waisted and low-waisted versions; tight through the knees or loose all the way down, there were a variety of styles to choose from. They all had one thing in common: the bottom of the legs was as wide as the Liberty Bell (hence the name). You can do a subtle version today with flared jeans or go all-out with flowy pant legs. 

Peasant tops, please

The peasant top is versatile, able to top jeans or a mini-skirt, making it an easy choice for your closet. The blouses usually have a wider neck opening that comes together with two ties at the top and often includes decorative details like embroidery or lace (Daisy Jones, played by Riley Keogh, shows off the lacy version). The look has a Boho vibe that fits snugly into just about any era, but for that '70s vibe, you'll want to choose a peasant top with fluffy tassels at the ends of the ties. 

Jump into a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have made their way back into the spotlight again, but you can trace them back to the '70s, when "Charlie's Angels" could regularly be seen wearing them on your TV screen. Late in the decade, you could find them made out of silk and satin, but in the early '70s, denim was the more popular choice — and that trend is the one that seems to be popular today as well. Adding a denim jumpsuit into your clothing rotation is a 2023 way of giving a nod to the '70s.

Put on your fluffy coat

As noted by Denise Wingate, "Daisy Jones & The Six" costume designer, fur-trimmed coats are quintessentially '70s. Daisy wears one in the series (that's her above), and you'll probably remember Kate Hudson ensconced in one during "Almost Famous." Of course, the fur is faux, and buttons are completely optional, but the length usually drapes below the thighs. The most important thing to remember, though, is to make sure the fluffy trim is around both the lapels and the ends of the sleeves. 

Try on the fringe

Fringe was absolutely a thing in the '70s, especially earlier in the decade when a few fashion elements of the '60s were still hanging on. Vests were also popular, as layering was a thing back then, too. So why not combine the best of both with a fringed vest? You could go with shorter edging, but why be stingy with the fringe? Let it hang long and low, especially in the front, where it can tangle with the hem of your mini-skirt. 

Give your hips a hug

The '70s could be pretty contradictory in its fashion statements, especially when it came to pants. On one end of the spectrum, you had high waists that flirted with the bottom of your rib cage. And on the other, low waists that showed off your belly button and a bit more. Known as hip-huggers because the top of the pants hugs your hips, they're perfectly paired with crop tops to show off a serious slice of skin. They also look great with a thick belt that highlights the dropped waist.

Tie one on

The fashion accessory that spans eras, the scarf has lived many lives, including one in the '70s. Tied saucily around the neck and cocked to the side, it's an extra spot of color for any wardrobe. But you don't have to limit yourself to your neck. The '70s saw scarves tied around foreheads for headbands, wrapped around ponytails, and used as headscarves. To keep the vibe retro, choose scarves with distinct patterns and leave the solid colors to the bobby-soxers in the '50s. 

Don't deny the denim

Patchwork anything was popular in the '70s (see crochet below), so it was inevitable it would be paired with the other fashion love of the decade — denim. And while you can easily create your own denim patchwork on an old pair of jeans, you don't have to keep it strictly below the belt. Daisy Jones donned a jacket, and if you remember back to the VMA Awards in 2014, Katy Perry wowed with a Versace denim patchwork gown. It works in any decade.

Crazy for crochet

Crochet was more than just a hobby in the 1970s; it was a fashion choice. From halter tops to mini-skirts, hats to purses and bags, you could find just about any wardrobe or accessory piece made of twisted yarn. While white was popular for a Boho feel, even more, popular were bright colors and patchwork designs (known as granny squares in the crochet world). You can pick up a cute top on Etsy for your own '70s vibe or pick up a crochet hook and try a DIY version.

The mighty mini

Forget the fluffy minis of the '80s and Cher's pleated skirts in the '90s; if it's a '70s mini-skirt you want, you'll need to find something a little more A-line. Like bell-bottom jeans, the decade's mini is snug through the waist and hips, then flares out a bit. But before it can reach any real width, the length is cut off at mid-thigh. You'll often find them made out of corduroy, and many have buttons down the front. And, of course, they're best paired with knee-high boots.