Using The White Highlighter Hack Can Give You A More Lifted Look

In the past few years, the clean, bright look has dominated the beauty industry. With lightweight makeup, sunkissed cheeks, and bronzed temples, the no-makeup makeup look has taken on many forms and given several names. Everything from the stripped-down boy-beat makeup trend in 2018 to the clean-girl look, appearing that you have no makeup on is a phenomenon that seems to be here to stay.

A far cry from the era of the Instagram beat, the rosy blush and breathable foundation contrasts with the intense contour of days past. One product with lasting power, however, seems to be a highlighter. Although it was once a gleaming powder product intended to blind, it's been tamed into a liquid that adds a sheen to the skin. Despite the change in formulation, many modern highlighters still have shimmer or glitter in them, which can often make it look obvious that one is wearing makeup.

In order to get the "lit-from-within" look, some people are abandoning highlighter altogether, opting to use white concealer to highlight, instead. Here's how to use white highlighter the right way.

How to highlight with white concealer

The hack that's recently been sweeping TikTok is similar to one that occurred a few months ago. Rather than using a shade two shades lighter than your skin tone, as one is taught when picking the perfect concealer for their skin, people used a white concealer before their undereye concealer. With the under eye looking brighter and more awake, the technique is reminiscent of the UK Black girl makeup look, via YouTube.

With the recent trend, white concealer is used in small amounts in the places that you would normally highlight on your face. Rather than using a glittery highlighter above the cheekbones or on the cupid's bow, a dab of white concealer is applied and then blended in with a small, fluffy brush. According to makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes on TikTok, adding a bit of white concealer after foundation creates an ideal concealer shade for your skin, lifting and brightening in all the areas you want.

The best white concealers to use for highlighting

Great for correcting and concealing, the L.A. Girl HD Pro Corrector Concealer is an industry-loved concealer. Its concealer in the shade "Flat White" is a stark white shade that lightens and neutralizes any complexion product you've applied. With a matte, yet lightweight finish, this concealer is long-wearing and upholds your natural look for hours.

Another cult favorite, the elf 16HR Camo Concealer is another lightweight, long-wearing concealer. With a full coverage formula, this concealer covers up blemishes and dark spots while brightening the skin, delivering a long-lasting glow. Made with kaolin clay and avocado oil, it hydrates skin white preventing excess oil from seeping through.

The Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer in Fair 00 is a pure white shade that covers up uneven skin tone and blemishes with its full coverage formula. Crease-proof and matte, it makes a great concealer for dark circles and eye bags. The blendable concealer blurs the skin, hiding discoloration without any glaring concealer marks left behind.

We're intrigued and ready to hop on board with this latest makeup trend.