Pastel Lashes Are The Latest Eye Trend From The Runways, And You Can Pull Them Off Too

The spring season conjures florals, the idea of renewal, and pastels. With their soft hues, pastels are dynamic and will certainly make a splash in 2023. Examples of pastel colors include light pink, baby blue, and sea green. The beauty of pastels is that they are ideal for any skin tone. Likewise, you can fill your wardrobe with pastel pieces, or you can choose to incorporate this color palette in another unique way. The Prada 2023 fashion week show did precisely that. The collection, which Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada designed, featured refined unisex looks that were casual and elevated.

Military and medical uniforms inspired Prada's looks, however, they were reimagined for an à la mode look. Of the designs, Prada said (via Vogue), "Mainly what I care about now is to give importance to what is modest, to value modest jobs, simple jobs, and not only extreme beauty or glamour." For the color scheme, Simons and Prada chose classic neutral shades, including white, black, and brown. Models, including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, walked the runway sporting noteworthy eye makeup. Prada paired their tailored wardrobe looks with pastel eyelashes. Best of all? This look is easy to recreate with a few tools or a DIY method.

Mascara or fake eyelashes will do the trick

For the Prada 2023 fashion week show, the brand used pastel shades of khaki, blue, pink, yellow, and mint eyelashes. These colors created a stunning look that captured the viewer's attention but did not detract from the clothing. The fake eyelashes were "deconstructed and hand placed onto each model, as makeup artists picked colors that would complement each individual's skin tone," via Byrdie. For example, Gigi Hadid wore peach eyelashes, while Kendall Jenner rocked baby blue eyelashes. Although Prada is changing the game by making pastel lashes high fashion, colored eyelashes are nothing new.

Several colored mascaras on the market can help you easily attain pastel lashes. An affordable option is Colourpop's Bff Mascara which comes in red, blue, and purple. If you love the latter, this is the perfect way to add purple mascara to your makeup routine. Instagrammer @chareyjackson used white mascara and incorporated dark purple shades in her eyeshadow. As a result, her mascara presents itself as a lilac hue. You can also choose faux eyelashes or extensions for a more dramatic or wispy look. You can find pastel-colored fake eyelashes and extensions online from Kara Beauty, to name one place.

You can make your own pastel eyelashes

If you can't find the right shade of pastel mascara or faux eyelashes, don't fret; you can make your own. In a Tiktok, makeup brand Tarte created pastel eyelashes by taking a pair of fake eyelashes and painting them with pastel-potted gel eyeliner. TikTok user @gabxxrielle used a different method, applying an eyeshadow base on her faux eyelashes before brushing pastel eyeshadow on them. This could be an affordable and fun project if you already have these at home. Another TikToker, @taylorpeters0 shows that you could use pastel gel eyeliner and a small brush to paint the pastel shades onto your eyelashes. In fact, she did something different; she painted her bottom lashes pastel and left the top lashes black.

As for the rest of the makeup on the runway, Prada decided to keep the face, lips, and eyeshadows subdued. Each model had a fresh-faced glowy base with minimal color and natural lips. This was to ensure that the main focus was the pastel eyelashes. You can easily pull off this runway look with no-makeup makeup and a pastel lash (using your choice of mascara or faux lashes). Of course, you can go all out and pair pastel lashes with full glam. This was true for TikTok user @soulmadesocials, who created a bold pastel eyeshadow look for her pastel lashes.