These Spring Colors Will Make A Splash In 2023

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and you're all about all things spring — including a few bright, new colors. From your wardrobe to your home décor, from office supplies to makeup, it's time for a shade refresh.

"Color plays more of an influential role in our lives than we realize," shared psychologist Dr. Steffanie Stecker of Mountain Vista Psychology. "It can affect our minds, bodies, and overall mood."

For every season, two companies release a color palette of what they see to be the hot hues you will be seeing in every aspect of your life. The Pantone Color Institute is a universal supplier of digital color, while WGSN (a trend company) and Coloro (also a color outlet) team up for their predictions of the most popular colors of the season. According to the pros, here are the colors that will be making a splash in spring 2023.

Think pink -- in the brightest way possible

While Blush and Bashful, two very different shades of pink, were featured in Julia Roberts' big wedding in the movie "Steel Magnolias," they won't be around in spring 2023. Instead, you'll be seeing a bolder and much brighter version of the color pink, tinged with a hint of purple.

Pantone calls the trending color Beetroot Purple, describing it as, "an emboldened fuchsia hue depicting the fruits of nature." 

WGSN/Coloro offers up the very similar Orchid Flower. This fuchsia-like hue can already be found in fashion, and you'll be seeing a lot more of it during the season. You'll also find it readily available in lipstick and nail polish hues. If you want to spruce up your home décor with this vivid shade, Zajac Interiors recommends using it to add a solo pop of color to your room, be it with a throw rug, a few accent pillows, or one very cool couch.

Indulge in a yellow streak

Color psychology expert Karen Haller told Good Housekeeping, "Yellow is a color that many people fear wearing, but psychologically it's linked to confidence, happiness, self-esteem, and optimism."

Good thing, then, that yellow is featured in the spring 2023 color palette. Pantone offers up Empire Yellow, a bright and sunny hue, while WGSN/Coloro presents Butter, a slightly more mellow variation. While not everyone can pull off a bold yellow ball gown quite like Kerry Washington did at the 2022 SAG Awards, there are ways to incorporate the hue into your fashion choices. Glamour suggests starting small if you're feeling intimated. "This is not a color for wallflowers," they warned. "A dress or even a top in any sunshine shade will definitely invite a lot of looks." 

One way to ease into the hue is with accessories like a scarf, necklace, handbag, or even a pair of cute yellow heels. You might also try a pattern that includes the color — like a blouse printed in black flowers with yellow centers and leaves.

Get an orange crush on mango

Nothing is as delicious as a fresh, juicy mango, so it's no wonder one of the hottest hues for spring 2023 is based on the fruit and its gorgeous interior color. It's a beautiful choice for fashion, home décor, and more.

Pantone calls their version Iced Mango, while WGSN/Coloro has dubbed the orange-centric hue Mango Sorbet. Houzz described it perfectly, saying the shade, "has all the warmth and presence of true orange, yet it doesn't shout or overwhelm."

If you're positively smitten with the color and want to try adding a little bit of mango into your makeup routine, there are lots of palettes that include various shades of the orange hue. Celebrity makeup artist Joseph Carrillo told Allure the trick is to use the mango color on your eyelids only (no coloring outside the lines!) and opt for a neutral palette for your blush and lipstick. You can even add a mango mask to make that eyeshadow really pop!

Out of the blue? Get back into it!

Out of the blue. Into the blue. A bolt of blue. There's a reason there are so many phrases with the word blue in them, and that's because it's a color everyone feels comfortable with. Here's one more reason to admire the hue: the rich, medium blue that will be splashing around spring 2023.

"The dependable, versatile, and trustworthy appeal of blue makes it a perennially popular color," said WGSN and Coloro, which offers Atlantic Blue this season. Pantone presents Blue Perennial as their version.

While you most likely have blue already incorporated into your wardrobe, and maybe even in your kitchen or bathroom, you may be surprised to find out where else you can add a pop of this hue. "The dated office accessories of yesteryear are out," declared Pacific Office Interiors. "Lively colors are in." 

A blue stapler, blue planners or notebooks, a blue mousepad, or a blue tablet cover are all easy ways to get acquainted with this spring color trend.

Give olive green the green light

Black, white, and beige are considered neutrals in the world of color, but spring 2023 presents one more option: olive green. Neither too bold or too bright, this shade has the ability to merge effortlessly into your existing wardrobe, makeup, home, and office palettes.

"This is a rich, trans-seasonal tone with a timeless, comforting quality," said WGSN and Coloro about its hue, Olive Oil. "Much like its namesake, it makes a great base to combine with other colors." Pantone's Leek Green is similarly inclined.

Expect to see a lot of this color during wedding season. Bridesmaids Rewritten brand told The Guardian their bridesmaid dresses in the neutral hue are continually sold out. "Olive dresses are like gold dust," they shared.

In your everyday wardrobe, a pair of olive green pants can be matched with a top in another neutral like black and white, or you can contrast with a bright like pink, orange, and red. There's also blue, yellow, purple ... so many options!