What Is Nail Brightener And What Can It Do For You?

There's nothing like getting a fresh manicure to help you feel rejuvenated and put together again. From a classic modern French manicure to lip gloss nails, there are so many trendy nail styles to try. Although getting regular manicures can be a great way to show off your unique personal style, they can also be causing damage to your nail beds. If your nails are looking a bit discolored, dull, or dry, a nail brightener could be the solution you've been looking for.

Board-certified dermatologist Hadley King tells InStyle that a nail brightener "is a nail treatment that helps reduce the appearance of discoloration and dullness." When you wear nail polish excessively and have a hard time taking breaks in between manicures, your nails are more likely to become damaged. To keep them healthy and in top shape, it's important that you use products like nail brighteners when you can.

How do nail brighteners work?

Nail brighteners do just that. They brighten your nails with the help of natural ingredients like citric acid. Not only do they help to get rid of any discoloration, but they can also add much-needed moisture back to your dry nails as well. This will give them new life. Of course, it helps to avoid dry nails in the first place. To do this, you'll want to limit how often you paint them with nail polish and limit how much you use UV gel dryers too. 

To use a nail brightener, apply it the same way you would polish. It even looks like a base coat you put on before color. If you're wondering whether you should invest in a nail brightener, the first step is to take a look at your nails. If they look discolored, dry, or are yellowing, a nail brightener may be worth the investment.

Keep your nails healthy and strong

There are a few preventative steps you can take to avoid discoloration and yellowing of the nails in the first place. If you're going to continue painting your nails, remember to always use a base coat before to help protect them against having to actually touch the polish. It's also a great way to keep your color for longer. 

When you can, avoid using a UV dryer as well to dry your nails. Not only do they dry out your nails, but a 2023 study shows that UV dryers can also cause damage to the DNA in your hands. Instead, air dry your nails at home to keep them hydrated and healthy. It's also best to avoid nail polish with formaldehyde and nail polish remover that contains acetone as these are both harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the nails. 

If damage is done and you've turned to a nail brightener, be sure to add one layer to your clean nails and let them dry naturally.