The Outfit Color That's A Turn-Off To Potential Partners

Whether we realize it or not, color influences how we view the world. There is a name for this phenomenon; color psychology. Simply put, color affects us both physically and mentally. Likewise, we often associate each color with emotions. For example, red and pink are tied to love, while black conjures sorrow. The same can be said about wearing specific colors. Similarly, this is referred to as fashion psychology, which states that the color of our clothing can denote our mood. Experts like psychologist Bethany Cook told Real Simple that incorporating color psychology into our fashion choices is a positive decision.

Cook suggests taking note of your feelings while you try on different-colored outfits. She said, "Once you have an awareness of your own bias for colors, ask yourself what you 'need' for the day when you wake in the morning: strength, calm, patience, or energy. From there, choose your outfit according to the colors that represent those feelings." Real Simple adds that colors can have different meanings for different people based on our experiences. Moreover, color can alter how you perceive an individual or how they perceive you, for better or worse. Unfortunately, certain colorsĀ could deter potential partners.

This sunny shade is out

Yellow is a trending color that evokes brightness and positivity. Psychology professor Karen J. Pine explained to Glamour, "Yellow is thought to be the color of happiness and stands for optimism, warmth, and hope." Unsurprisingly, wearing yellow outfits is said to have mood-boosting qualities. Nevertheless, research shows that yellow will backfire if you wear this joyful hue out on dates. A 2010 study published in Evolutionary Psychology titled "Distinguishing between Perceiver and Wearer Effects in Clothing Color-Associated Attributions" reported that both men and women found yellow on potential partners unattractive. A 2013 poll done in the UK by (via the Daily Mail) found the same data.

They also concluded that men and women found dates in yellow outfits unappealing. Although it's unclear why yellow is unfavorable, yellow, according to color psychology, has negative attributes, including arrogance and untrustworthiness. George Charles from explained to the Daily Mail why yellow might deter dates.

He said, "It is human nature to want to find faults and imperfections within these individuals in order to protect ourselves from hurt later down the road." Charles added, "It therefore makes sense that before you really get to know someone, fashion sense, and in particular, clothing color choice, is one of the first things the brain will notice and evaluate for later analysis of a rendezvous."

Wear these colors instead

Besides yellow, brown and gray are the two other colors you should avoid on dates. In color psychology, brown has negative associations and is seen as boring and isolating. The same is true for gray, which lacks emotion. So what should you wear on a date? Studies have continually shown that men and women find their dates in red or black outfits the most attractive. A 2008 study published by the University of Rochester (via ScienceDaily) notes that the color red has importance in the animal kingdom and may explain the popularity of the color amongst individuals in the dating pool.

The study states that female baboons and chimpanzees redden to find a potential mate. As for black, Robin Kramer from the University of Lincoln explained to HuffPost that the color is subdued and the opposite of red. He said, "It may well be because red has certain associations (sexual intent or availability, for instance) and so people would rather try to look attractive while perhaps avoiding those associations." However, regardless of science or studies, you should wear what you want. In the end, colors should express your personality and how you feel. Whatever color you choose on a date, wear it proudly and with assurance.