10 Nail Art Ideas To Manifest Spring Weather

Spring is almost upon us, so it should come as no surprise if that coming warmer weather is filling your mind as you wait for those first few flowers to start popping up in your window. However, you don't need to look outside to add a little spring to your life. Just head into your nearest nail salon to see flowers popping up. Spring manicures do more than just make your fingers look dazzling, they can improve your mood too. 

Warm up your fingers by adding a bouquet of daisies or a creeping line of lilacs, or add a hint of spring to your ring finger with a simple tulip. The opportunities to make your nails stand out with colorful flowers are absolutely endless.

If you're ready to embrace this spring, there are plenty of floral designs to ask your nail tech for. They can also work as the perfect inspiration to create a spring design your friends will be absolutely envious of.

Realistic spring flowers to accent your nails

Spring might not have sprung up in your garden yet, but your heart is full of fragrant flowers and sunshine. Quell your longing for spring by adding some fun, realistic spring flowers to your nails. You might let your nail tech get creative or add a few realistic flower stickers to create a pop on your fingers and remind you that spring is just around the corner.

Instagram user @artifex_dathene takes this design and runs with it by adding the flowers over a mellow lavender color with a little sparkle. It screams spring is coming.

Clear nails with colorful wildflowers

It's time for spring to take center stage on your nails. From daisies to bellflowers, adding just a peek of blooms along the tips and near the edges can make clear nails demand attention. 

TikToker @prissynails pulls off this look perfectly by adding just enough flowers for pizzazz without becoming overwhelming. The clear nails truly bring the foliage to the forefront, making your heart spring with a little happiness every time you see them. 

Pop into spring with sparkle

Sparkle and shine are what make the world go around. This is especially true when it comes to your nails. And who doesn't like a little pop? Take your spring nails to the next level by adding larger flower designs to your glimmering nails as accents.

Nail stylist @tessa.lyn.nails creates a sparkly tribute to spring with a stunning reflective purple and pink background and popping flowers to match. The contrast between the two will have people gasping over your seasonal nail sensation.

Set off your French manicure with flower accents

French manicures are making a comeback. This timeless look adds a little burst of fun to your nails without being overwhelming. However, just because you're thinking spring doesn't mean you shouldn't consider the French manicure. Adding a few small blossoms creates a beautiful design and gives you a little something extra.

Instagram nail influencer @niunailsbeauty created a beautiful contrast by using brown tips with white flowers. This allows the little blooms to literally pop off your fingers and demand attention. It's a classic look one is sure to rave about.

Little vines add the perfect spring vibes

You want to add a floral, spring look to your nails, but you aren't looking for a showy design. For those looking for something a little more muted but still beautiful, vines fit the bill. Couple these with a green nail polish and you have a sure-fire winner.

Freehand nail artist @amaryahamaryah pulls off this look with a green accent finger and gold touches to the vines. The way the vines subtly creep up the sides of the fingers has spring climbing right into your heart.

Simple spring design to make you smile

A spring manicure doesn't mean you have to go with muted pastels or embellish your nails with daisies. You can keep your manicure clean and simple, but still have fun spring flourishes, even if you want some flaming red nails.

Nail artist @molnarritanails shows how this is possible with their simple flower design that would look fabulous on any tip. Beautifully crafted red nails are accented by one blooming spring flower, where it seems to grow right out of the ring finger to adorn the polish. The black line on the ring finger and middle finger brings everything together. 

Fun faded manicure that flies off your fingers

You like your nails long, like really long. That means you can have more fun with your spring nail trend. Rather than just painting a few blossoms on your nails, grab the spring stickers and create a beautiful spring mural like TikToker and nail artist @nailsbyjoleen. It's butterflies, flowers, and other floral creations, oh my! 

Using nail stickers and white tips, the artist creates a muted spring look that blends seamlessly into the long nail extensions. The square tips and pearls complete the style.

Metallic green and gold nails with 3D flowers

You want your manicure to give off those Easter nail vibes and still have a little something extra to make them stand out. Well, you might want to add a few 3D flowers to the mix. These literally pop off your fingertips and make them unique.

You can use a multitude of background colors, but Instagram @jellybayn_nails makes gold and pale green look perfect by adding a little glitter. The pink index and pinky nails also alternate foliage placement, allowing the white flowers to surround the tip and base of the nail. The hand-painted leaves and gold flower centers pull all of the elements together.

Flat black floral design to inspire spring

Flat black nails might be your jam, but you want to get a bit festive for spring. Luckily, spring and flat black can work together in beautiful harmony and add a little pop to a few of your fingers.

You don't need a lot of color to make this look fabulous, as Instagrammer @roxanabenta proves. She creates a beautiful flat look on short nails by adding flowers to three of the fingers. The artistic-looking blooms are highlighted by the lush green ferns.

Pastel flower tips to set off your fingers

You might like a simple look, but you want a bit of that spring spark to set them off. Combine a modern French manicure with pastel flower tips on a few fingers. It creates just the right brightness your tips are craving. You can also follow TikToker @zuk_nails' example and move a few dots of color down into the nail itself like falling petals.

Flowers are a beautiful way to leap into spring. While the smell of them might not fill the air just yet, they can dazzle up your fingertips for a perfect look.