The Weighted Razor That Promises Wax-Like Shaves (In Or Out Of The Shower)

Ah, a woman's first razor, a right of passage into adulthood. Dreams of smooth, buttery skin fill the air, as well as hopes for a comfortable, confident body post-shower pampering, especially regarding that first razor — the tool we count on to feel ready for that special date night or morning interview. For many of us, our first razor was pink and plastic, but unfortunately not always fantastic, because many generic-brand razors don't always offer that clean-cut finish, and can leave behind casualties like subtle stubble and razor burn — a few surefire signs it's time to throw your razor away immediately. Ring a bell?

These post-pamper misfortunes sometimes turn costly, especially if we're in a pinch or need to feel our best and freshest. It's an unfortunate series of events that we, as women, know all too well. And that's why many of us opt for men's razors instead, which are priced 25% lower than women's razors (per The Balance Money). 

Still, even this solution is fickle. Though it's a cleaner shave, the heads, and handles are designed for a different physique and aren't always comfortable to use, and this can be downright discouraging. However, this weighted razor promises to fix that.

Benefits of the Hanni weighted razor

The Hanni weighted razor is all-inclusive: this means that it adapts to all body types and users. Hanni explains that this is because of two things: the handle and the cap. Because their handle is longer (at five inches) and the cap more curved than other razors, it's easier to access sensitive, private spots or other hard-to-reach areas. Not only this, but the razor has finger grooves that help stabilize your grip in and out of the water. After all, nothing is worse than slipping while shaving and getting a nasty cut in the aftermath.

Another highlight is that the 100% metal razor is an environmentally friendlier option than plastic razors. According to USA Today, The Environmental Protection Agency reported that our oceans and habitations are polluted by over 2 billion razors and refill blades a year, so eco-friendly razors are becoming more necessary than ever before. 

A top choice

Hanni's commitment to putting sustainability, inclusivity, and costliness first may play into your decision of whether or not the weighted razor is worth it. To put the cost in perspective: individual razors ring in at just $40, and the company offers a $10 discount for every friend you recommend. There's also free shipping once you spend $45, and you can also buy blades in bulk (five for $6). This is different than other disposable razor blades, which, in recent studies, cost about 30 cents a shave and over $100 a year.

Still, Hanni's weighted design helps fulfill its promise of leaving wax-like shaves because of its dry shave technique. The shaver is able to be used whether you use running water or not, which creates a lack of tugging on the skin. You also don't have to worry about the risk of your blade rusting quickly because the razor is powder-coated: this helps with the overall longevity of the blade. After all, if one has a healthy blade, then one has smoother, healthier skin.