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Huntington Beach, CA
UC Irvine
Latest Denim Trends, Trader Joe's Snacks, Shows By Amy Sherman-Palladino
  • Emily's writing has been featured on several online magazines, including The Hoth Digital magazine, and The New U. Her works spans across multiple genres like arts and opinion, and most notably, her lifestyle piece, "So Long, Shrek" (which covered the effects of the pandemic and live theater) was featured on UC Irivne's Claire Trevor School of the Arts website.
  • She worked as a stylist for the Madewell cooperation for two years, becoming denim certified (a fancy word for trained in denim curation and care) and also an expert in spotting (and styling) upcoming fashion trends.
  • Emily has a sensitive stomach, and because she's a huge foodie, she took several science and cooking courses throughout high school and university to better understand the impact foods have on our bodies. Of course, this led to extensive research turned expertise on the healthiest, yummiest, and best gluten-free, non-GMO snacks at Trader Joe's and beyond.


Although Emily attended UC Irvine for musical theater, offstage she wrote articles for multiple online publications, including Writer's Access. She is a film and theater junkie by trade and choice, having a deeply rooted connection to shows in the same vein as the works of Amy Sherman-Palladino. She also was trained in personalized styling from 2020-2022, which gave her the ability to modernize new and old fashion trends, as well as how to take care of different fabrics and materials. She officially joined The List in January of 2023, and is ecstatic to be writing lifestyle topics and hopefully encourage readers.


Emily earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater from UC Irvine.
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