Why General Hospital Fans Are Finally (Somewhat) Pleased With Willow

Because Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) has clashed with the overbearing Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) over the years, she's been pushed to the point where she despises her — a woman who was revealed to be her biological mother. The reveal of this connection has divided the fans, and further complicated things for Willow. The fact that Nina's aunt Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is a bone marrow match that could potentially save her from leukemia has forced Willow to accept the reality that she is forever connected to Nina.

The only thing Obrecht asked in return was for Willow to imagine life without being Nina's enemy. Willow felt that Nina's interest was not in her, but in Nina's desperate need to have a child. Obrecht politely countered by sharing that when her children were young, she made life about herself and not them. But eventually, she and her late daughter Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) were able to cultivate a mother/daughter relationship and became friends. Obrecht hoped that someday that would be true for Nina and Willow.

Later, Willow agreed to have a conversation with Nina, and the two surprisingly spoke to each other in a civil manner. Willow's caveat was that she would not allow questions about her children. She updated Nina about her health and the overall situation. Nina was grateful that Willow opened up to her, and the girl later admitted she felt Nina was genuinely interested in her well-being, which also surprised the fans.

Fans appreciated the inroads between Willow and Nina's relationship

Along with a video clip of Nina Reeves and Willow Tait having a peaceful conversation, "General Hospital" wrote on its official Twitter page, "Willow is willing to speak with Nina ... under certain circumstances." Noting Nina's willingness to change her behavior, one fan also cautioned, "Nina was finally understanding boundaries and even respecting Michael as Willow's partner — but Willow looked nervous the whole time. Nina did real damage to her. It was a start, but Nina can't help but overstep."

"A nice moment between Nina & Willow. I hope there's a lot more to come & we get to the point where Nina & Willow finally embrace each other as mother & daughter," posted another viewer. One fan observed, "I've always loved Willow, but not in this storyline. She forgave Carly (Spencer, Laura Wright) too easily and she's awful towards Nina." Another follower complimented the actors, writing, "I realize this has been a polarizing storyline, but the performances have been stellar, and today was no exception. I personally liked that Willow held her boundaries about the kids, and the nail varnish bit felt real and sincere."

Considering fans were amused at the size of the tiny actors portraying Willow's newborn baby, Amelia, one fan hysterically wrote, "Teeny tiny baby steps. This time next year they'll be helping Amelia get ready for her Jr high school dance."