How To Pull Off Ombré Lips For A Vampy, Dynamic Look

If you're looking for a new way to make your lips pop, you should absolutely try the ombré lipstick trend. Ombré lips were originally popularized in the '90s. Similar to the recent trends for ombré nails or ombré hair, it involves combining two lip colors and blending them together. The final result is a dynamic gradient effect on your lips that's incredibly eye-catching. 

It may seem like the ombré look is impossible to achieve without the help of a professional makeup artist. However, if you have at least two shades that you want to combine and a little time on hand, you can easily recreate this trend at home. You don't even need any specialty glosses or lipsticks either. Just choose whichever products you like best, and you're all set. 

Likewise, you can utilize similar colors for a more subtle ombré effect, or darker, more contrasting shades for a stunning, standout look. 

Creating the ombré effect yourself

To create ombré lips, first, you need to choose the two shades that you want to blend together. If you want your lips to look slightly plumper, you should use a darker shade on the inside and a lighter one on the outside. To pay homage to the ombré lip looks of the '90s, do the opposite and use the darker shade outside. Once you have decided which to do, apply one of the shades around the edge of your lips by your lip line. 

Then, apply the second shade in the center of your lips. Once both colors are set, carefully blend them together one lip at a time. For best results, it's recommended that you blend from the inside of your lip to the outside. If you decide to use matte lipstick colors for your ombré effect, you can also apply a sheer gloss on top for a little extra shine. Likewise, smooth around the outside of your lips with concealer if necessary too.

Don't be afraid to go bold with it

You can create an ombré lip with the same color in two different shades, or you can choose two colors that complement each other. Fortunately, the ombré lip trend lends itself to a multitude of fun color combinations. For a really striking gradient look, you can experiment with darker, bolder colors than what you might usually gravitate toward. For instance, choose a black or dark brown lipstick with a brighter color. 

Alternatively, consider a classic red lip and put your own spin on it. For a similar contrast that is a little more outside the box, you could replace the red with orange, pink, or even plum lipstick instead. Or, you could replace the black or dark brown shade with a darker purple or wine red either. The ombré lips trend is the perfect way to express yourself so don't hesitate to stand out and try it with your favorite colors.