The Internet Is Ditching Powder Makeup - Here's Why Liquid Blush And Bronzer Is Taking Over

The "no makeup" makeup look has been a classic go-to makeup style for decades. Natural beauty, or rather, makeup that emphasizes the natural lines and coloring of the face, is always something to admire, and more and more mainstream makeup trends are making an effort to achieve this. 

Makeup artist Sir John tells Marie Claire, "The vibe is definitely much more natural, dewy, and fresh." Whereas in the past, caking on matte makeup was an everyday occasion, today, people are opting to leave that kind of heavy application behind. John elaborates on this, saying, "We're finally embracing skin and products that enhance our skin and leave a skin-like finish versus aiming to have a more full-coverage finish." As a result, people are beginning to gravitate towards liquid-based blush and bronzer instead of powder makeup. Liquid blush and bronzer offer many benefits if your goal is to achieve the glowy, sculpted look everyone is after.

The differences in applying liquid and powder makeup

Makeup tutorials are increasingly incorporating liquid blush and bronzers. In this TikTok video, user @katiakaek applies and reviews her new liquid bronzer. Comparing this creamy base to a powdery one, she notes that it is much easier to blend into her complexion. And, with hacks like underpainting trending, all anyone wants is a natural, smooth blend when it comes to their face makeup. However, the final look you get could depend on your skill level.

According to a TikTok posted by @personacosmetics, liquid might be more difficult to get a natural-looking application if you are a beginner. Because it is more pigmented, it is much easier to make obvious mistakes, whereas with powder blush, the softer pigmentation gives you some cushion. Nonetheless, @personacosmetics points out that powder makeup will give a more matte finish rather than the glossy, natural end result of a liquid-based product.

How to know which is best for your skin

While it seems like everyone and their mother is flocking to Sephora to purchase liquid and cream-based face makeup, that does not necessarily mean it is perfect for you. M.A.C. Cosmetics Senior National Artist Fatima Thomas explained to InStyle that the biggest difference between powder makeup and its moister counterparts is that water is not an ingredient. Because of this, the crushed, dehydrated pigment can absorb skin oil. If you struggle with overly oily skin, using a powdered bronzer or blush may be your preferred option.

Meanwhile, the reverse is true for liquid bronzer and blush. Thomas tells InStyle that the formulas in these tools combine emollients and pigments made from water bases. Suffused with water molecules, your skin will soak up this hydration. So, if you suffer from a flakier, more dry skin texture, this trend will definitely be to your advantage. 

Whatever you choose, the general aesthetic is moving toward less coverage. "Euphoria" makeup artist Donni Davy tells Marie Claire, "We're going to see more real skin. There's less acne scar shaming and more of an unapologetic attitude about breakouts — especially when breakouts are coexisting with cool makeup."