The Bullet Bob Is The Latest Trending Short Haircut You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

The past year has ushered in new hair trends and revamped styles from past decades. The famed mullet of the '80s has resurfaced, with its signature low flanks and long back becoming a nostalgic go-to. This is partly thanks to Joe Exotic, the internationally known "Tiger King," whose mullet invaded our living rooms during the 2020 quarantine months. Now that the pandemic is mostly behind us, people are putting the last two and a half years of mullet practice to good use. This classic rocker style is  upon us once more, and a new trending look has emerged that puts a refreshing spin on two classic hairdos.

When a mullet and a bob come together, a stunning look emerges. The cut includes short, slicked-down edges, but without the slimmer tail of hair in the rear you'd expect from a mullet. Instead, the back is typically layered, with the longer part sitting right above the shoulder and a shorter layer hanging roughly around the cheekbone. Ends are cut bluntly, and often styled with an outward flip. This trendy look, dubbed the "bullet bob," is already taking over 2023.

The bullet bob can be satisfyingly versatile

Actress Florence Pugh has been rocking the look everywhere, from red carpets to the cover of Vogue's 2022 Winter Issue. Pugh has styled her flawlessly executed golden blonde bullet bob a number of ways. In the photo above, Pugh went for a classic, high side swoop for the front, with the rest of the hair neatly slicked back. Celebrity stylist Peter Lux gave her bob more of an undone, tousled look, showing the surprising versatility of such a short cut. 

Many style their bullet bobs straight, with the hair slicked away from their faces, but this look can certainly be pulled off in a variety of ways. For example, Bella Hadid, with the help of superstar hair stylist Guido Palau, pulled off a bullet bob incorporating light curls in the front and on the sides for the 2020 Miu Miu Spring/Summer fashion show. 

Ultimately, the layering of the actual bob makes the difference. Celebrity hairstylist and owner of Salon 54, Emma Simmons, says the key is using scissors for the length, followed by a razor to incorporate layers (via HJI). How you choose to shape the front is entirely left up to the creativity of you and your stylist.

Who is the bullet bob for?

The bullet bob is a gender-neutral look. As the look is inspired by the mullet, several brave men helped fuel the popularity of the cut. Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus and pop icons Prince and Michael Jackson have all sported the short-to-long hairdo, which has evolved over the decades. Think of the bullet bob as a more chic version of the look. 

This bob is also perfect for those who fancy a low-maintenance cut. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be easy to fall behind on self-care. Luckily, Ian Harrold of Attitude Men's Hair says maintaining the bullet bob every six weeks will "keep the shape looking strong" (via HJI).

Bullet bobs are predicted to be one of the biggest hair trends of 2023. With such a fun style that's flattering for many different face shapes, don't be afraid to try it out. Remember that change can be good, even if it means visiting a new stylist who can help you rock this daring, trendy hairstyle.