Read This Before Deciding To Get A Mullet Cut

Trends in fashion and beauty aren't new. Hot clothing, hairstyles, and makeup are typically recycled and modernized to fit the latest generation's aesthetic. The world of beauty digs through its grandma's attic and breathes new life into decades-old style. Founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, tells NPR, "Trends are born, grow, mature, reach old age and die." But one trend on heads, turning heads, that won't quit is the mullet.

It might have made the list of worst hair trends in history, but that hasn't stopped the mullet from coming to the party. This controversial hairstyle has graced the heads of major celebrities and even has its own annual U.S.A championship, according to Mullet Champ. After seeing the short-and-long haircut on Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, it has slowly won our hearts. Whether gearing up for the big competition or simply perusing for a new style, get the latest before snipping into a mullet cut.

What is a mullet cut

Although Miley Cyrus got everyone talking about the mullet again, it was her father, Billy Ray Cyrus who brought the conversation to a fever pitch in the early '90s (per Esquire). The iconic haircut is short up top, like a buzz cut, with lengthy locks at the back. The half-and-half style lends to the look's catchphrase "business in the front, party in the back." A mullet cut transcends age and gender (time too). There are ways for everyone to pull off the mullet, have it match their aesthetic, and avoid the hillbilly stereotype.

The difference between modern and retro mullets

The resurgence of the mullet does differ from its original conception. Barber and educator Jarred Liddington shares that for a modern look, the key is how you transition from business to party. The hair educator tells Mane Addicts, "Adding layers and texture will help connect it and make it a current mullet." This look typically has shorter pieces framing the face while longer strands reach the shoulder. For a retro mullet cut, there is a stark distinction between the short and long layers. Often the front and sides are shaved, while the back passes shoulder length.

How to achieve the perfect mullet

Going under the scissors for a mullet cut can be life-changing. You'll be joining the ranks of those daring enough to stand out. To achieve this look, hairstylist Mikey Henger advises starting with a base of long hair (via Men's Health). This method gives you the freedom to layer and shape your hair to fit your mullet vision. The difference between the longer back and shorter sides should be a few inches. Even with a modern mullet, if the length difference isn't noticeable, your mullet might look more like a shag haircut.

The difference between the shag haircut and the mullet

A mullet done incorrectly can fall into the shag category. The two styles, although similar, are distinct. Hairstylist Nicci Welsh explains, "A shag haircut stays longer all the way around the edges, with lots of internal layers" (per Wallpaper). It's all about length, with shorter pieces for volume. However, the fun of a mullet is the two hairstyles in one. With a mullet cut, the longer back is often a surprise until you turn around. The short layer is less about volume and more about perfecting the mullet shape.

Find a stylist who specializes in mullets

It takes some research to avoid your mullet becoming anything other than the juxtaposed hairdo. Finding a stylist who has done a mullet before will ease the worries of a salon disaster. Speaking with NBC News, Neven Radovic recommends booking a consultation with any haircut appointment. The lead stylist at Ian McCabe Studio suggests this pre-meet so clients can feel confident about the hands they leave their precious stands in. You can even book a consultation with a simple blow dry to feel out the stylist and return for the mullet if they pass your test.

The more inspiration photos, the better

Even with the perfect new hair stylist, inspiration pictures are a must. Especially, with a hairstyle that comes in different shapes and sizes, like the mullet. It is best to pick photos that resemble your hair's texture and the more angles, the better. Hair expert Armond Hambrick tells StyleCaster he prefers headshots with all the hair pushed to the front and side views that capture how the hair aligns with the shoulders. Stylists want you to leave with a look you'll love, and visuals help achieve that.

What hair type works for a mullet?

Before chopping off your hair, it'll benefit to know if the mullet will work for your hair's texture and thickness. Fortunately, the mullet does not discriminate. "The best part about the mullet is that it can be worn by all hair textures from straight to curly," says Erica Moomey, a hairdresser and educator (via Hair). As long as you have the length to create transitions, the style will work for you. Although, that is not anything hair extensions can't help you with.

The mixie cut, a baby mullet

If you have short hair, there is a cheat for you to join the mullet army, and it's the mixie. According to celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho, "A mixie is an edgy haircut that is longer in the back, like a mullet, and short in the front, like a pixie" (per Byrdie). However, this style doesn't quite reach shoulder length in the back like a mullet or its modern version. The mixie is an ideal hairstyle to grow out a pixie cut or for testing the waters before going full mullet.

How to maintain your mullet

Once your hair is cut into the mullet style, your work is done. Ocean McDaeth raves to Insider about how "super low maintenance" the mullet is. The hairstylist at New York's Art + Autonomy Salon says that with a mullet, "A good cut should style itself." A simple wash-and-go is all you need and will lend to the hairdo's original rugged aesthetic. Even as your hair grows, the layers are still in the mullet design, but a quick trim will help maintain the shorter look of the front and sides.

How to style your mullet

Styling is optional when it comes to the mullet. The look's aesthetic calls for low to no maintenance. However, a little extra can go a long way. In an interview with Bustle, celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath claims texture helps to enhance the mullet hairdo. For curly hair, Heath recommends products to define each curl while suggesting hair waxes and sprays for straight hair. The added volume gives intent to the otherwise free-range haircut. With the mullet's versatility and ease, it's no wonder the look is back in style.