Handkerchief Tops Aren't Going Anywhere In 2023 - Here's How To Style The '90s Trend

The '90s called. They said the handkerchief tops are back. However, it's not the only '90s fashion trend coming back in style. Sheer clothing and bucket hats are making rounds as if they never left. It seems the 2020s are the '90s part two. But it is no surprise with style icons like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, who dominated that decade in the fashion world.

Bandanas are versatile headwear, whether worn as a headband or tied around your ponytail. But now your head isn't stealing all the fun. Handkerchief tops bring the same pop of color and fun prints to your bodice. Beyoncé and Bella Hadid assumed the look prompting us to join in. They rocked red bandana crop tops with light blue jeans, which is not the only way to style them. We have the looks to stunt your handkerchief top any time of the year, no matter your taste.

Your handkerchief top wants to be accessorized

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Don't be afraid of them. The bigger, the better. Handkerchief tops leave your neck and arms open to layer on necklaces and bracelets. Trust us. You can never have too much. Mix and match precious metals will DIY string and bead pieces. And the ornaments don't stop there. Tie in the summer sun with sunglasses, a beach hat, and sandals. Big hats are trending, and banana tops make the perfect companion. You will look vacation ready even if you're running errands.

Meet your jacket's new best friend

A quick way to make your handkerchief top go from being worn to being styled is with a jacket. Layers in an outfit create dimensions and add more elements for people to complement. Outwear is also a great way to frame your outfit's aesthetic. Throwing on a blazer will create a more sophisticated look, whereas a denim jacket will bring a streetwear vibe. Your extra layer is ideal for accenting the colors in your bandana top or adding depth with patterns.

Handkerchiefs tops have made it to the west

Say howdy because your bandana shirt is getting some country flare. Cowboy boots and a concho chain belt are the westerncore fashion your handkerchief top was looking for. The geometric patterns in many scarf tops match the detailing in cowboy boots. Plus, we know throw-overs complement these blouses. Western aesthetic embraces fringe jackets and denim shirts, which would go perfectly with any bandana top. Keep it minimalistic with just one of these westerncore pieces, or wear them all to fully champion the style.

Crochet is the twist bandana top never knew they needed

There doesn't seem to be an article of clothing you can't get crocheted or knitted. From jewelry to bathing suits, the fashion world has been kissed by the craftcore style, and we love it. Crochet handkerchief tops are a match made in heaven for chic streetwear. All you need is sneakers, a baseball cap, ripped jeans, and oversized sunglasses. This look pulls together in a rugged yet feminine ensemble. Adding other crochet pieces like a bag or earrings emphasizes the artistry even more.

Bring the flare with this pair of jeans

It's time to dust off those flare jeans you've sentenced to the back of your closet. This style of jeans doesn't get the love it deserves. The slimming upper half and wide bottoms are the best of both worlds. Made to be paired with boots, they also look fabulous with heels, sandals, and sneakers. Plus, your handkerchief top. The slimming bust and free-flying hem of this top parallel the fit and flare of the jeans. The more exaggerated the ankle, the more elevation it brings to the causal denim bottoms.

Going old school with a '90s ensemble

Cargo pants are in style, and we're cutting them off at the knee for warm days. Yes, the coveted cargo shorts. It is only fitting to style a returning '90s top with a '90s bottom. The khaki color shorts are a true neutral that will serve as a base to let your bandana shirt shine. It is your opportunity to wear a scarf top with bold and bright colors. Bring a preppy vibe with loafers and socks, or emphasize the cargo's relaxed look with sneakers.

Handkerchief tops make a polished final layer

Layering pieces on top of your handkerchief shirts make for stylish wear, as does layering underneath the top. A bandana blouse wrapped around a button-down shirt or turtleneck adds depth to your outfit. The handkerchief top embellishes your chest and midriff, while the undershirt decorates your neck and arms. An exaggerated collar and sleeves can upgrade this '90s trend revival to couture levels. Plus, this style turns the handkerchief blouse from summer wear to autumn and winter fashion. So you can be fabulous year-round.

Don't forget to bring your bandana top on vacation

What makes the handkerchief top a hit is its silky material, light and breezy feel, and decorative patterns. If spring were a shirt, she'd be this blouse. It gives you the bodice of a dress you can mix and match with pants, skirts, or skorts. Pairing your bandana top with a long skirt and sandals gives you an instant vacation look, even if you're on your way to work. To embrace the summertime vibes, complement the shirt with bright colors and straw accessories.

Turn this causal top into formal attire

A shirt that can go from beach to business is a blessing. Do not be afraid to dress this blouse up. Your favorite heels, linen pants, and a cardigan will elevate your look. To get even more formal, tuck your handkerchief shirt into your trousers and one-up the cardigan with a blazer. Added accessories can always tie your look together. Watches, pearls, and clutches are standard formal accessories. So no matter your aesthetic, the bandana top is there for you.

DIY a handkerchief top from a silk scarf

Did you know you can make a handkerchief top from a silk scarf? It's true. There is no reason only your neck gets to enjoy the comfort of silk. Although handkerchief shirts are traditionally designed in a triangular form, you can DIY your top in various styles. These DIY silk scarf hacks are taking over TikTok. One scarf can transform into six different shirts. That's a lot of bang for your buck. So tie that top on, and style it like one of our suggested outfits. You'll dominate this trend as if you started it.