Days Of Our Lives' Matthew Ashford And Melissa Reeves Reunite For Upcoming Holiday Flick

"Days of Our Lives" viewers know Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves as the iconic Salem super couple of Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton. The pair first got together in the late 1980s when they began working together at the Salem Spectator. Of course, the duo butted heads with their differing opinions about journalism. However, that fiery connection soon turned to love as they began to develop feelings for one another. Over the years, Jack and Jennifer have had an epic love story that has included so much adventure and heartbreak. They've been torn apart from one another on several occasions. However, they have found their way back to each other time and time again.


In 2020, fans were stunned when Reeves announced that she wouldn't be returning to the soap opera following the COVID-19 shutdown. The sudser was forced to recast the role and hired soap opera vet Cady McClain to step into Jennifer's shoes. Reeves did return for a brief period of time, but McClain has been holding things down as Jennifer for the past couple of years.

Now, "Days of Our Lives" fans are in for a treat, as Reeves and Ashford are set to reunite on a brand new project.

Days of Our Lives fans will see Jack and Jen together again

"Days of Our Lives" viewers will be able to see Melissa Reeves and Matthew Ashford back on screen together again in their new holiday movie "A Carolina Christmas," per Soap Opera News. The soap opera stars have reportedly signed on for the TV movie, which is currently in pre-production. The film will also star Kelly Lynn Reiter and will revolve around a selfish and wealthy business CEO who ends up stuck in the same house with his former wife and their daughter due to a massive snowstorm. The couple is forced to live together during the storm, but their daughter has a big plan. She wants to trick her parents into falling back in love with one another, and she uses the warmth of the holiday season to do so.


It should be easy for Reeves and Ashford to work together, as they spent decades of their lives pretending to be madly in love while portraying Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton on "Days of Our Lives". Fans of the sudser will also love seeing the iconic duo back together, and in new roles that are sure to brighten up the holiday season when it rolls around again.