8 Trendy Ways To Style Ugg Boots In 2023

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Like low-rise jeans and chunky highlights, Ugg boots were a staple of the early aughts. Though they first hit shelves in 1978, it wasn't until the late '90s and early 2000s that the shoe made it into the mainstream, suddenly worn by A-list celebrities rather than ski enthusiasts and hockey players, per CNN. Oprah was largely to thank, giving the shoe a shout-out on her annual "Favorite Things List" in 2000. ​​"Nike had jogging take off, Reebok had aerobics take off, Zoom had the pandemic take off and for (Uggs) it was Oprah," explains the shoe's creator, Brian Smith, adding, "Oprah was what took (Uggs) worldwide. And that's how it got into the billions."

Though Ugg boots experienced a dip in popularity throughout the late 2000s and 2010s, they've made a comeback post-pandemic, with celebrities like Bella Hadid and Keke Palmer proudly sporting the sherpa-lined shoe. However, the modern iteration of the Ugg is much (much) shorter — the brand's Classic Ultra Mini Boot is one of their newest best sellers. But not to worry, you can still buy that Classic Tall Boot everyone wore with Abercrombie tees in 2009. Inspired by today's it girls, you can easily upgrade your Ugg style for 2023. Here's a hint: it doesn't involve skinny jeans.

Go for a ski-lift aesthetic

Before Lindsay Lohan paired Uggs with mini skirts in the early 2000s, the boots were favored by skiers and hockey players. Pay homage to Ugg's athletic origins by curating an outfit worthy of the slopes. 

Like TikTok creator @rae.pelumi, start with thermal underwear — check out this black bodysuit available on Amazon. Next, add dimension with a white shrug top, leg warmers, and ear muffs. Don't forget to top it all off with your fur-lined Uggs. Check out these black platform dupes if you're looking for a vegan option. 

Pair Uggs with a long skirt

As TikToker Lydia Tomlinson (@lydiajanetomlinson) explains, pairing your Ugg boots with a maxi skirt will elongate the body, whereas a 2010s-Esque legging and mini skirt combo will shorten your frame. Given that maxi skirts are having a moment, finding one shouldn't be too difficult. Check out this denim design from Collusion, or sift through the aisles of your local thrift store for a '90s patchwork pattern. When in doubt, look to actress Keke Palmer for inspiration — she pairs her Uggs with a high-slit denim midi with a matching shacket.

Opt for oversized rather than form-fitting pants

Counter the chunkiness of Ugg boots with trendy baggy jeans — yes, that means steering clear of the skinny jeans and leggings that dominated the late 2000s and early 2010s. Similarly, avoid anything too cropped, opting instead for cuffs that fall below your ankles. The bottom line? This look is about head-to-toe comfort. For starters, check out these oversized cargo bottoms from PacSun. Offset the pants with a form-fitting tank, or channel Billie Eilish circa 2019 and wear a baggy crew neck.

Accessories your ankles with leg warmers

Sure, Uggs are some of the warmest shoes on the market. But why not up the ante with leg warmers? These are especially helpful if you do choose to wear a Miu Miu-esque micro mini, as they will help balance out your proportions (and keep your calves warm in the process). See these leg warmers from Urban Outfitters, or craft your own using an old pair of mid-calf socks. Compliment the fit with a cropped sweater — see this cable knit design from Zara — and a sherpa-lined jacket for added wintertime warmth.

Dress them up with a blazer

Uggs might be the preferred airport shoe for Hollywood A-listers, but they don't always have to be paired with sweatpants and a wheeled suitcase. Dress up these boots for 2023 with an oversized blazer — after all, as the founder and creative director of Dāl the Label confidently told Harper's Bazaar, "A blazer is one of the most transcendent pieces a woman can own." For extra heat, layer a turtleneck sweater or crew neck underneath. Finally, find yourself pair of tailored jeans or suit pants to complete the look.

Invest in a matching loungewear set

Like supermodel Gigi Hadid, pair trending platform mini Uggs with a matching sweatsuit. Though you don't have to go full-on Juicy Couture à-la early 2000s, a little fleece won't hurt. For starters, check out this best-selling matching set from Girlfriend Collective. Activewear has been taking over high-fashion spaces post-pandemic, with velour tracksuits making a surprising comeback. Many of today's styles prioritize comfort above all else — after all, why wear button-up pants when you're working from home?

Underwear is outerwear à la Bella Hadid

In Fall 2022, Bella Hadid (yes, both Hadid sisters are fans of the fur-lined boots) launched a modern-day Ugg resurgence with her combination of boy brief underwear, a tee shirt, and a leather western jacket. Recreate her model-off-duty street style with white biker shorts, your favorite comfy tee, and an oversized leather jacket. Top it all off with a pair of white crew socks, a tote, and supermodel-worthy shades. High fashion has embraced underwear as outerwear, with houses like Gucci and Chanel even bringing the style to their runways, per W Magazine.

You can't go wrong with an oversized coat

The fastest — if not the best — way to compliment your Ugg boots is with an extra-long coat. No matter your chosen outfit, this will tie the ensemble together. Start with something like this camel longline coat available on Asos, or hit the thrift stores for a vintage leather trench. According to Vogue, brightly colored and patterned trenches are a celebrity go-to for the season. Check out this BCBGeneration lavender design, and style it with platform Uggs and a cup of coffee on the go.