Tear Duct Liner Is The Elevated Version Of The Millennial Cat Eye

Although the heavy Instagram beat of the later 2010's has been done and dusted, one of the best parts of that time was creative eye makeup. Despite the fact that the hyperfocus on eyeshadow palettes was a bit extreme (you were nobody without the ABH Modern Renaissance palette), a cut crease and a smokey eye did it every time. While most people have traded in their liquid matte lipstick for gloss, eyeliner remains a staple in every makeup collection.

In the era of clean girl beauty and minimal makeup, eye makeup offers an avenue for experimentation that still allows for a relatively fresh face. Recent years have seen the reintroduction of lining the waterline like South Asian women have done for years, as well as a colorful and abstract take on the graphic liner look from the '60s.

Thanks to the internet's love of subtle, yet colorful looks, a new eyeliner trend has popped up.

What is tear duct liner?

After the popularity of "fox eyes" and the enduring love of siren eyes, it's safe to say that everyone on TikTok and Instagram seems to love elongated, almond eyes. The trend is a cross between extending your cat eye into the inner corners and the pop of color typically seen in the graphic liner look.

Like many makeup looks, it blends the techniques of different decades to create a fresh look. The sultry, lengthy liner mimics the glamour found on the supermodels in the '90s such as Naomi Campbell. To lighten things up, a colorful liner, reminiscent of the '60s, is used on the inner corner, but can be added to the outer corner, as well.

To get the look, start with a nude color all over the lid. For a more dramatic look, add a slightly darker color to the outer eye area and blend out. Using a liquid or gel liner, do your cat eye as normal, making sure that you line to the top part of your tear duct. For the fun part, take a colored liner and complete the "V" at the bottom of your tear duct. If you want a bit more color, draw a parallel line above your cat eye and blend it slightly.

The best colored liners to use for tear duct liner

The Almay All-Day Intense Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnal Navy is a deep blue that's perfect for a subtle inner liner. The vivid color makes brown and hazel eyes stand out, and the gel formula is also the best eyeliner for oily lids. With a waterproof and smudge proof finish, it's an ideal liner for watery eyes.

For a fuss-free application, try the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil. With over 20 colors in five finishes, these pencil liners apply like a dream and are super blendable. They're waterproof and with a hydrating blend of Vitamin E and jojoba oil, they're safe on the eyes.

The Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Color is perfect if you like to create graphic eye looks often. The product comes in a small jar, with the pigment held in a small cushion that increases its longevity. It's highly pigmented and has a waterproof, budge-proof finish.