What To Ask For At The Salon If You Want To Try The Trendy Pearly Blonde Color

With the warm weather approaching, we're going to be seeing a lot of hair trends break out into the beauty scene. From cherry cola brunette and mushroom brown to tiramisu blonde and buttery blonde, there's no shortage of beautiful hair colors you can use as inspiration on your next visit to the salon.

If you're thinking of shaking things up this spring with your look, there's one hair color trend that will be everywhere this season. A beautiful, natural pearly blonde color is replacing icy, white blonde. Think less platinum and more soft and buttery blonde. This is the perfect color for those who want to go lighter but still want to keep a neutral, natural shade. 

Only 2% of the world's population is born naturally blonde making it an extremely rare hair color that many women dye their hair to achieve (via Cafe Mom). With celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter sporting the fresh new pearly blonde look, it's clear that the color is a must-try this season. Here's what to ask for at the salon if you want to try out the trendy pearly blonde color everyone is raving about.

A natural, healthy look for your hair

Wendy Gutkin, a hair colorist and research stylist for Schwarzkopf Color, tells PureWow, "While many still like a cool blonde, this pearly color gets away from the over-processed hair look." Many people love the look of a beautiful blonde color but worry about their hair looking dry and unhealthy. Fortunately, with the pearly blonde color, you won't have to lose sleep over your hair's health. "A pearly blonde has a richness to it that leaves the hair looking healthy," says Gutkin. 

Pearly blonde is the perfect color for the spring and summer months, giving your hair that effortless warm beachy vibe without the white appearance of a platinum blonde 'do. Going blonde and maintaining the hair color is high maintenance and takes more frequent, expensive trips to the salon. Jan-Marie Arteca, a colorist at Jeff Chastain Parlor Salon in New York City, tells Bustle a trip to the salon "every four to six weeks" is necessary to touch up the roots for someone with platinum blonde hair.

What to ask for at the salon to get pearly blonde

When you're ready to go to the salon for your new pearly blonde hair, it's important to know exactly what to ask your stylist for to achieve your ideal look. Although you're not going for an icy, platinum blonde color, pearly blonde does have a cooler tone that gives it a more neutral look. As you're getting your hair done, Wendy Gutkin shares with PureWow that your hair will be taken up to a level 9 or 10, which according to Arctic Fox is a light blonde or platinum blonde. Make sure to specify to your stylist that you don't want a platinum blonde look, though, and you are going for a neutral pearly blonde.

One of the best ways you can ensure that your stylist knows what you want to do with your hair is by showing them a photo. Save a few photos of celebrities or influencers who have pearly blonde hair that you want to emulate. 

Have the right expectations

Going into your hair appointment with photos is a great starting point, but you'll also need to come in with the right set of expectations. Your skin tone and current hair color can affect the shade of blonde that's achievable for you. Even if you bring in some great examples of your fave celebrity with pearly blonde hair, your version may not look exactly the same. You may have to get a few shades lighter or darker. 

You may not be able to achieve your dream pearly blonde color overnight, either. Plan to give your colorist at least six months to a year if you want a big color change like going from a dark brunette to blonde. Although it may take a few trips to the hair salon to achieve, pearly blonde hair is a trendy color that will brighten up your look just in time for the spring and summer.