The Benefits Of Using Aker Fassi, The Clay Pot Lipstick From Morocco

Most people know about Argan oil, also referred to as Moroccan oil, but there's another Moroccan beauty product that could be the missing thing in your skincare or beauty regime: aker fassi. If you've never heard of it, it is a powder that is made from a blend of pomegranate rinds and dried poppy petals, per IZIL Beauty. Bold red in color, this powder can offer tons of benefits in various areas, including your beauty regime. Its two powerhouse ingredients are great individually, but even better when paired together.


A longtime staple in many Moroccan beauty routines, aker fassi ties in with the Moroccan ethos of using only natural ingredients from plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables, per Taste of Maroc. Despite being natural, aker fassi is a versatile and highly pigmented product you can use in many areas of your life, from makeup to haircare. You can even use it as coloring if you make soap or lotion.

Not just nice to look at, this wonder product has a whole heap of benefits that make it well worth considering purchasing a pot for yourself or a friend.

This powder only has two ingredients but packs a powerful punch

The rind of a pomegranate is not only antioxidant-rich, but high in polyphenols, too, per Healthline. This means that pomegranate skin could help with skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and potentially even acne. Pomegranate rinds additionally have medicinal benefits like being able to relieve a sore throat due to the naturally antibacterial properties they contain. 


Dried poppy petals have a similar antioxidant effect. A study determining whether poppies can help with issues such as inflammation found that poppy petals have the potential to "serve as a valuable dietary supplement, providing antioxidants and minerals required by the human body to function properly." 

In general, antioxidants act as a barrier to the molecules around us. These molecules can cause issues like premature aging and loss of elasticity in your skin. If you want to counteract these effects, look for products that contain antioxidant-filled ingredients and research which antioxidants you need to add to your diet. There are lots of different antioxidants out there, but the ones found in poppy petals and pomegranate rinds make them some of the best for your skin.


It can even help to heal your chapped lips

When used as a lipstick, aker fassi won't only give you a stunning, naturally pretty lip look due to the pigmentation of the powder but will offer benefits beyond color. 

Always have chapped lips? Aker fassi will help to prevent that permanently dry lip feeling. The antioxidant-rich poppy petals and pomegranate rinds will not only moisturize your lips but go beyond the surface for a deeper, longer-lasting solution to chapped lips. You don't have to limit the product to your lips, either. Aker fassi is safe to use on skin, and, as mentioned earlier, it can have a positive impact on sore and inflamed skin as well as hyperpigmentation. In addition to these benefits, aker fassi will moisturize your skin like it will your lips. It will also put elasticity back into your skin, which in turn will help to prevent premature aging. 


Aker fassi can have amazing benefits, but it's important to buy it from a place that verifies its ingredients so you know for certain that it hasn't been diluted. Otherwise, the benefits could be diminished.