Feeling Nostalgic For Early 2000s Hair? A Viral Hot Tool Can Make All Your Crimped Dreams Come True

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Most fashion, hair, and beauty trends are cyclical. Every so often, a style staple of the '90s or early 2000s will come back around and rise to popularity once again — sometimes met with animosity, like the ever-controversial low-rise jeans. Thankfully, not every trend from the '90s and 2000s is as contentious as those jeans, and many reemerging trends are met with open arms. One such trend that you absolutely cannot forget when remembering decades past is crimped hair. 


Crimped hair is a style where straight hair is given tight, sharp waves with the help of a crimping iron. However, it's worth noting that the crimping tools of days past could only tackle one small section of hair at a time. The user would need to press the tool onto their locks, hold it for a few seconds, un-clamp, and then move down to the section below to continue crimping, which was incredibly time-consuming. With this new crimping tool from Ion, the process is much easier.

Crimping made easy

The Ion Automatic Ceramic Crimping Iron revolutionizes the crimping process. As opposed to other tools, Ion's heated crimping iron self-rotates. Because of this, you don't have to constantly clamp and unclamp the tool to move on to the next section of hair. Instead, you first choose where to start crimping. Then, place your hair in the iron and close it. 


Some versions of the tool have an arrow printed on the side to show which direction the barrels move in, so be sure to check for that when getting set up! Next, turn the device on and get started. Once on, the tool's barrels will spin your hair through themselves, crimping as you glide the device gently down your hair. 

The automatic process for crimping that Ion's iron utilizes can save you time, whether you are crimping your whole head or just certain sections to increase volume. The harder you close the iron around your hair, the more crimped your hair will be. Add a signature 2000s zigzag hair part for the ultimate throwback look. 

What happy customers are saying

Ion's Automatic Ceramic Crimping Iron has received some very favorable reviews from customers thus far. One Amazon reviewer mentioned that it took them a few tries to get used to using the iron since the barrels can only move in one direction. Once they got it sorted, the reviewer raved about it, giving the iron five stars and adding that this crimper is, "Faster than the ones I had in 1993 so A+."


Another Amazon customer who also rated the iron five stars shared that crimping her daughter's hair with their old iron "would take forever." Now, with Ion's tool, the reviewer claimed, "It goes so fast and I could even crimp my own hair easily." If you are nostalgic for the crimped hair of the 2000s, Ion's Automatic Ceramic Crimping Iron is a great choice. It's easy to use and can quickly transform your hair. 

In fact, by the time you're finished with it, you may even look like you've time-traveled from the early aughts so be prepared to pull out your best Y2K staple pieces to really bring the look together.