Nail Polish Colors For The Perfect Minimalist Manicure

Everyone wants healthy looking nails for that feeling of being put together, even if it feels like everything else in your life is falling apart. Perhaps showy, bright red polish isn't quite your style — less can certainly be more when it comes to your nails. While intricate nail art will always have its "wow" factor, sometimes you just need an effortless, yet beautiful, muted, natural shade. If you tend to go the more minimalist route when it comes to fashion and style, plenty of options are available to you when it comes to finding the perfect nail color (per The Zoe Report). 

Even the most A-list celebrities keep their nails simple with minimalist manicures. Finding the right color, however, can make or break your look. Whether you're going the DIY route with your own ideal at-home manicure or you're getting your nails done professionally, there are a few different colors that will be the best fit for your minimalist aesthetic. 

Glossy, pale pinks

For a look that's sure to go with any outfit on any occasion, pale pink is the go-to nude shade that's about to become your best friend (via Southern Living). Numerous celebrities have donned nude-colored nails on the most glamorous red carpets and at the hottest parties. The secret, according to celebrity nail artist Lisa Kon, is making sure the light pink polish is coated with a glossy finish (per her Instagram). Kon highlights some of her star-studded clients' nude nail looks on her social media page, including Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Zendaya. 

Browsing through Kon's page shows how glossy, pale pink nails hold up beside more colorful, intricate designs. For one of Zendaya's looks, Kon simply captioned the snap, "Perfect nude manicure for @zendaya." The exact shade of pale pink will vary person-to-person depending on their skin tone. For those looking to use a minimalist base color for more intricate nail designs, a pale pink nude coat can work great as a blank canvas.

Milky white hues

For some, pink simply isn't their signature color. Let's face it, we can't all be Elle Woods, though we can recreate her iconic makeup at the very least. However, thinking outside of the box when it comes to manicures can still land you with the perfect minimalist nail shade. Lisa Kon isn't afraid to take risks with the looks she creates for her celebrity clients' nails, and even her more minimalistic creations can make you rethink your nail routine. 

Although Kon added intricate art to Maya Dbaich's nails, the milky white base would be perfect for a simple summer look (per Good Housekeeping). This light, creamy nail color is sure to compliment your summer tan while keeping your look low-maintenance. For a minimalist manicure, this milky white color can be enhanced with a shiny top coat for a glossier finish or it can stand out with a matte look instead. Or, if you want to follow in Kon's footsteps, layer on gold tips or nail designs to add some glitz to the finished product.

All together now

Just because you have a minimalist aesthetic doesn't mean you can't wow with your manicure looks. For those who are looking to toe the line between minimalist and maximalist, take some inspiration from Lisa Kon's use of different shades of the same color on this matte finish manicure. If you can't decide on your perfect shade, this is the look for you. To capture this style at home or during your next salon visit, make sure that all your nails are grounded in one color. In Kon's post, each nail is a different shade of pink, but feel free to gradually lighten or darken the shades in whichever hue you prefer. 

While the darker shades of pink might be out of your comfort zone, the familiar nude tones level out the look, keeping it based on a unique yet simple style. If you tend to go the glossy route, a clear coat can be added for a perfect shine in lieu of adopting the matte look highlighted by Kon on Instagram. Any of these light colors would work for a more toned-down, truly minimalist manicure, so mix and match options to find the right one for you.