Our Best Tips For Effortlessly Pairing Tights With Your Favorite Dress

Tights, stockings, pantyhose, or whatever you call them, are highly underrated accessories. It sits in line with suspenders, leg warmers, and hats. Fishnets and sheer black tights always get high praise and are the primer hosiery accessory. You see them on your favorite celebrities and probably have a pair in your wardrobe. But what about bright and bold stockings? They are an eye-catching statement for your legs. "It's also a fun way to incorporate color or patterns without it overtaking the whole focus of the outfit," says fashion creator Brigitte Crisp, via Byrdie.

Covering your lower half's focal point can be intimidating. You don't want to run the risk of looking frumpy. However, with our tips, you can put those worries to bed. Styling tights with a dress is the most straightforward fashion combination. Even easier than the pantyhose no pants trend. And we have a handful of pairings you'll like, no matter your go-to aesthetic.

Keep it subtle with just the thighs on display

If you don't want the stockings to be your outfit's main focus, pairing them with boots is your best bet. The taller the boot, the better. Knee-high and thigh-high boots leave just a sliver of your upper legs revealed where your tights will shine through. This is your chance to wear mini dresses and not feel exposed by a shorter hem. And experiment with different styles of pantyhose while letting your boots do the talking. This combination makes a great autumn look or rainy day outfit with galoshes.

Don't shy away from color

Color is your friend. Just like the right color of lipstick can make you youthful and lively, the right color of tights can make your outfit fresh and vibrant. For absolute flare, carry out one shade from your patterned dress using your pantyhose. It will be sure to match however, the dress' print will be the spotlight. For a more subtle approach, monochrome will never do you wrong. Take your pick of the rainbow and carry that hue in your dress, tights, and shoes.

Get caught in the fishnets

Fishnet tights accentuate your legs. The grid pattern slims around your legs' curves and the tiny lines tease coverage. The grid's size varies, with maxi net tights revealing the most skin and mini nets doing the opposite. Fishnets are primarily styled for added sexiness or edginess. So choose wisely. Combat boots and fishnets with your dress will play into grunge fashion, while leather and metal accessories complete the look. On the other hand, these tights with a dress and heels are the definition of sex appeal.

Shine bright like sparkly stockings

Jewelry may be the most popular accessory. Who doesn't like to shine? And that gemstone allure has merged with pantyhose. Sparkly tights elevate an outfit without making it too stuck up. This style is perfect for evening outs and date nights. It has a New Year's Eve feel every day of the year. Silver, gold, and bronze sparkly tights are great neutral pairs that complement your complexion. Pair it with a glitter dress and heels to maximize your sparkle or a plain gown to let the tights be the star.

Let your legs be the canvas with pattern stockings

Pattern clothing can be the most tedious to style. Mixing prints can create a clashing outfit. However, accompanying pieces that are too simple can drown out the pattern. Sheer patterned tights are a happy medium. Polka dots, flowers, and stripes are popular designs for this style of pantyhose. Instead of drawing attention away from your dress, it will draw attention to it. To level up your styling abilities, try a solid print pair of tights instead of sheer. A plain dress will match best, or one with a simple bottom and patterned bodice.

Spice up a LBD

Everyone's favorite closet staple is getting an upgrade. Spice up your little black dress with tights. Your LBD is a neutral canvas for any pair of pantyhose. Of course, fishnets and sheer stockings will match seamlessly, but so do patterned and colorful ones. Keep your shoes black and go wild with the legwear. You can slick fishnets on top of blue tights for a playful and edgy twist. Or throw on a lacey garment for a sultry look. Your LBD outfit will make a big statement.

Add toasty legwear to your winter wardrobe

Tights are fashionable all year round. Although, in warmer weather, it is more comfortable to have your legs on display. Luckily, fleece-lined tights were invented. So you can style your tights in the winter without freezing. These beauties mimic the look of sheer black tights but are thick like leggings and padded with warm fabric. You can have your legs out and wear dresses even when it's snowing. Pair them with boots for added warmth and matching winter wear like hats, scarves, and gloves. Style them like any pair of sheer tights. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Keep it a secret with nude tights

Sometimes you just want the stockings to be a backdrop. That is where skin tone tights come in. A quality pair will slim your legs and create the appearance of an even complexion. They won't be a part of your outfit per se but will mask scars, leg hair, and any unwanted sights. It's like another pair of skin. It's a quick cheat to fake a tan too. They are great for extra short dresses and to create a bare-skin fantasy.

White is not just for weddings

When black tights are too dark and colorful leggings aren't your preference, try white. White stockings bring in a touch of brightness without being overwhelming. A monochrome outfit is a great way to nose-dive into the world of white. For a casual look, try a white button-down dress with white tights and white combat boots. For a more sophisticated approach, match your tights with a pencil dress and kitten heels. Don't forget the white accessories like pearls or a lace headband.

Use pantyhose to break up patterns

Tights add color and print to your outfit but can also help to mute patterns. Let your zebra print dress and boots breathe by wearing an off-color stocking in between. You can use tights to break up mismatch patterns too. A floral dress and checkered bootie will transition smoothly into each other with the help of stockings. Since tights cover your feet, closed-toe shoes are the way to go. And long dresses with high slits were made for stockings. Don't let the legwear scare you. It's runway fashion for a reason.