Mishael Morgan Set To Make Multiple Returns To The Young And The Restless

Mishael Morgan was a staple on "The Young and the Restless" for nearly a decade, beginning in 2013, so her abrupt departure toward the close of 2022 left fans scratching their heads. Prior to any announcement about her status, Morgan's name was removed from the show's closing credits — an implication that she was no longer on contract with the daytime soap. However, after weeks of silence, Morgan finally weighed in on her surprising "Young and the Restless" exit. While the character hadn't been doing much for months, it was still a tremendous loss to the series. 

Morgan wrapped up her stint as powerhouse attorney Amanda Sinclair in a megawatt storyline featuring her boyfriend, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) cheating on her with the mother of his child, Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway). Amanda and Abby's husband, Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz), walked in on the two having sex. After catching Devon in the act, Amanda read him the riot act and left town to tend to her sick mother. It appeared this would be the last fans saw of Amanda, but recently, several developments are proving that narrative to be false. 

Despite her exit from town, Amanda's work in Genoa City is far from over, as she's slated to make her grand return very shortly, inserting herself in the middle of a tense family battle between the children of the late Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John).

Mishael Morgan is returning as Amanda for the lawsuit between Devon and Lily

According to Soap Opera News, it's official; Mishael Morgan is bringing her soap opera alter ago Amanda Sinclair back to Genoa City for another run amid the ongoing feud between Devon and Lily. Amanda has years of history with both characters, so she knows exactly what she's stepping into. The powerhouse attorney served as the primary lawyer for Chancellor Winters and even helped the merger take place, so she was the only choice in Lily's mind to represent her against Devon. 

In recent episodes, Devon's sister, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) called Amanda, asking her to be her lawyer in Devon's battle against both Lily and her company. Devon later confronted Lily, with the latter confirming Amanda would indeed serve as her counsel for the upcoming trial, setting the stage for a highly emotional reunion between Devon and Amanda. The former couple hasn't seen each other since Amanda broke things off with Devon following a scathing tongue-lashing due to Devon and Abby's affair that nobody, least of all Amanda, saw coming. 

While she remains committed to helping her mother recover from her medical issues, Amanda didn't hesitate when agreeing to step back into her lawyer shoes to join Lily's fight against Devon. Amanda has all the ammunition required to ensure his lawsuit fails in court and considering she set up the initial agreement for the merger, there likely aren't any loopholes for Devon to use to his advantage.